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Without a doubt, I haven’t been paying enough attention to my blog. Life, is the culprit I’m afraid – having multiple birthday events and roller hockey games keeping me away from the word wizardy many of you have come to enjoy. I appologize, I really do – an idle blog is a dead blog, as many readers will browse elsewhere for their news if the continuity is broken.

So here I sit, in the heated glory of my work van, clumsily typing away on my iPhone to bring you an update.

I missed 50% of the previous two wins, having watched Calgary at the bar and listened to a period of last nights game on AM radio. I made it home in time for the third though, so all was not lost.

What did I like?

I liked how the Isles never gave up after their less than spectacular start. They turned around three losses and pulled out two huge wins to move into seventh place. In the end they amassed 6/10 points on the road, a big feat considering the teams faced.

Injuries had little effect, no matter the potential severity everyone stepped up and filled a void. Youngsters Bergenheim and Comeau shined playing smart physical hockey. Comrie was a man possessed, and Bergeron looks as steady of a offensive threat than ever. DiPietro recieved the support in front that was lacking earlier in the trip, and has been nothing short of spectacular. Same holds true for the penalty kill, giving up a pair of goals in about 23 times down a man. The power play has also come around, good timing I say.

Coming into a handful of local divisional games, the Islanders need to continue the trend of big wins in big games. Parity is unreal, with teams from top to bottom a point or two from each other.

I will expand on this post later today, as well as correct any spelling errors that may occur from typing on a phone with a tiny keyboard. Till then, have a great day.

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  1. You can DO this on your phone, and I can hardly make a call on mine. You’re amazing. And yes, you have been remiss and we missed you. Don’t stay away so long.

  2. Had a nice Islanders experience this weekend, despite being such an avid Rangers’ fan. Steve Webb, former Islander, is conducting an Island-wide youth hockey tournament. The premise is that it is a “Rec-League Only” tourney, meaning no travel players allowed. In essence, you are glorifying the grass roots of hockey. I am coaching the team from Dix Hills Ice Rink, pee-wee division, and played our first game this weekend at “The Bubble” at the Rinx. Webb was a great guy, even though our opposition didn’t show up, and I had a decent amount of time to talk to him. He even hopped on the ice to scrimmage with the kids. The championship finals will be at the Coliseum next Sunday and ALL the kids are invited to attend the Islander’s practice and will have an on-ice participation ceremony. Might make a nice photo piece. Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll get a few kids for interviews if you want.

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