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Procrastination is a funny thing, what some push aside to the “unimportant” or “it can wait” piles – eventually needs to get done at some point. Not that the photos I have taken aren’t important – but I have been really busy with work lately and add in the “Holidays” excuse before that.

Once I realized just HOW MANY photos I needed to sort through and get uploaded – I almost lost it. I just finished sorting through close to 1000 photos and uploaded the “keepers”. Not every photo I take (or any other photographer) will make the final cut. A majority of the time, because hockey is so fast paced the photos will come out blurred or there will be a spectator right in the way of the action. These photos don’t need to be posted, so thus the importance of picking through the pile of digital photos.

Below you can find the list of games and links to the respective game albums:

Dallas 11/26/07
Ottawa 11/28/07
Thrashers 12/01/07
Bruins 12/03/07
Coyotes 12/13/07
Penguins 12/15/07
Buffalo 12/19/07
Capitals 12/22/07
Toronto 12/26/07
Devils 12/29/07
Panthers 01/03/07
Canadiens 01/15/07

Some of my favorites:

Sutton v. Deb

Check out the the gallery and let me know which album or photo is your favorite!

From here on out, I will be uploading the game photos either right after the game – or the next afternoon after work.

Michael Schuerlein

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