Islanders Fall to Boston 4-1

The Islanders (53 pts) sit one point ahead of the Bruins (52 pts) for 7th place in the Eastern Conference, so there is no doubt that this game will be nothing short of exciting. Moving into the All Star break, this game could potentially be a tie breaker down the line when the season winds down. It is also important in terms of momentum, because of the break – it’s always good to head into it off a pair of big wins.

This is also a big night for the Rangers (GASP!), because they sit two points back of the Islanders looking up towards the teams above them. Tonight the Rangers face Atlanta for the second straight game – and it’s a night featuring the retirement of Leetch’s jersey so they should be pumped up. Should the Islanders win and the Rangers lose – there is MORE space put between their biggest conference rival, if they lose – they will be tied for 8th.

First Period

7:09 PM First period under way!
7:10 PM Islanders going right on the power play, Kessel for hooking off a faceoff.
7:12 PM A very confident shot by our newest scoring machine – Witt, gives Thomas trouble. Power play over – 0/1
7:18 PM Sutton looking confident tonight – defensively and jumping in offensively!
7:23 PM As I have a mouthful of the pizza I just whipped up, Bergeron gets called for interference.
7:24 PM Puck almost trickles in, they push it back out and DiPietro gets screened – 1-0 Bruins
7:25 PM Well….we know who is fired up tonight – Bad defensive pinch, Bruins lead 2-0
7:34 PM I know the secret to heating up the Islanders – HOT SAUCE. I mixed in a bit of Mad Dog 357 with the pizza sauce……anyways, congrats are in order to Richard Park for his 500th career game!

7:38 PM Some good pressure by the Hunter,Tank, Sillinger line – Sillinger pushes it over the net.
7:40 PM Satan picks up a loose puck and gets off a good shot, nobody home for the rebound
7:43 PM Comeau is playing some great hockey – he has so much confidence tonight.

Well, that certainly didn’t go as planed! The Islanders found themselves outworked, out hustled and quite simply – out played. This team continues to puzzle me because they fail to show up on most nights. It’s not that they are playing completely horrible – but to be on the losing end of a two to nothing deficit in the first period of an important road game is unacceptable in my eyes. Where is the intensity, the drive, the passion? This team is supposed to be a hard working team – I just don’t know if that description fits their play tonight. There are still 40 minutes of hockey left, let’s hope the master motivator gets the team back in the game during the second period.

Second Period

8:05 PM Sutton hit the post!
8:12 PM Savard caught Comrie up high – Isles power play upcoming
8:16 PM 0/2 on the power play – Savard scored from an impossible angle – 3-0 Boston
8:21 PM Thomas putting on a clinic tonight – outstanding saves here tonight.

8:25PM Comeau draws a tripping penalty after a series of nifty stick handling moves while breaking through the neutral zone. This guy needs to get more ice time.

8:29 PM Pathetic effort on the power play – they look lethargic. 0/3
8:30 PM Sutton called for holding….and thus the self destruction begins.
8:31 PM Just as the Bruins power play begins, it ends – Kessel on the power play makes it 4-0
8:32 PM How bad is it, when you cannot put the puck in an open net? TWICE! I am about to turn this game off.
8:34 PM 1 minute left in this tragedy of a second period

Pucks into skates, sticks, shin pads, side of the net, wide, high, out of play, anywhere BUT into the net or anywhere near the Bruins goaltender at times. I am absolutely sick and tired of this on again off again effort – there is absolutely no consistency with this team. I know the sky isn’t falling – but management needs to do something to shake up this roster. Where is everyone? Our star players aren’t performing and our fourth line is the only one consistently doing anything.

I know I sound negative, I love the Islanders – I do. I just cannot bear to watch this kind of hockey…..it is quite simply – PATHETIC.

Third Period

9:01 PM Sillinger with a sizzler makes it 4-1 Boston
9:10 PM I am fighting passing out because I had a long day – but the overall poor play isn’t helping matter much. Blind passes, poor positional hockey…..Comrie just being lazy – what else is new?

9:14 PM Hunter tackled breaking into the zone, no call.
9:15 PM Best news of the whole night – Atlanta is ahead of the Rangers 1-0
9:16 PM Vasicek looked like he was going to kiss Krejci there……

And Boston wins 4-2 – thank god they have a few days off, I will allow this to sink in and me to cool down from being so annoyed. Level-headed recap tomorrow.

Michael Schuerlein


  1. Really disappointing game. I had hoped the win in Carolina would buoy them going into this one. Hope they take the All-Star break to regroup.

  2. I don’t understand this team how they rebounded so well in Carolina and then put up a stinker last night. I think (without emptying the cupboards) we need to bring in a proven scorer. Our offense just isn’t getting the job done and the defense didn’t do so great last nigh either. The team as a whole was lazy and started their vacations early. Wake up Boys otherwise you’ll be golfing in April and not going to the dance! ! !



  3. I was extremely disappointed because I cannot understand, or even accept how they come out and play as they do sometimes. They look completely uninspired at times, and this is one of the biggest things management says they repaired – a team that will give it 100% every night.

    If what we saw the other night was 100%, then there is a lot that needs to be done.

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