DiPietro Goes 2 for 4 in Relay

Well, we have seen the first event come and go, marking the first time a goaltender was involved in the relay race. Out of all the goalies, DiPietro was the only one to pot more than one goal and the only goalie to shoot from behind the goal line – as if in a game situation.

Fastest skater up next – West takes that event.

Elimination shootout – DiPietro stopped both shots he faced, but the West eventually took the round.

The young stars game was exciting, Osgood looked mighty uncomfortable out there, allowing numerous goals against from all sorts of distances and angles. The East took the first period and the West took the Second.

Next up, the “Slam Dunk” Shootout – where the players were supposed to show their flair and think outside the box. There were only two players who really took advantage of this – Ryan Getzlav and of course Alexander Ovechkin. The East wound up taking this round and eventually the entire skills competition.

Rick DiPietro stopped both of Gaborik’s shots – and appeared to hurt himself on the second play (something I had feared would happened from the get-go). He could be heard telling fellow goalie Tim Thomas that he hurt his knee, but that he was alright (Ricky was wearing a microphone for Versus). More on that story as it develops.

Michael Schuerlein

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