Well – you could say I missed a bunch the past few days, but as I said over the weekend – my Grandmother passed away and I was unable to make any entries or attend the game Monday night. You could also say that I didn’t really miss anything at all I guess. I was trying to listen to the game via streaming radio on my iPhone – but it seems the new Apple firmware doesn’t like streaming as much as it did – it would work for a few seconds and then stop. I just kept checking the score on the Islanders site and got very annoyed at the resulting madness.

I watched the highlights and it confirmed my suspicions – I am glad I didn’t go. It looked like they weren’t playing smart hockey. I saw too many giveaways, too many poor shot decisions and an overall poor effort. I really would’ve liked to have been at Doolins pub yesterday for that chalk talk with the coaches as they broke down what they did right and what they didn’t do right against the Senators – I just can’t see them commending the team on many things they did right.

According to Newsday yesterday, 5 Islanders missed practice with the Flu – so maybe Influenza was the leading influence on their poor decisions?

Five Islanders — Rick DiPietro, Mike Sillinger, Bryan Berard, Andy Sutton and Ruslan Fedotenko — missed Wednesday morning’s practice at the Coliseum and are questionable for Thursday night’s home game against the Kings. Assistant coach Gerard Gallant also missed practice with the illness. Fedotenko and Sutton sat out Tuesday night’s 5-2 loss to Ottawa.

It’s apparently so bad in Islanders country – that the players have joked about wearing masks and using hand sanitizer as a means of protection. I could give them a word of advice, one of my Uncle’s was sick – yet it spread through my family like wildfire the past few days. I normally do not wash my hands as much as I did (shaking hands and whatnot), but I did and yet I still feel like I have a touch of the flu right now.

The LA Kings make a rare stop at the Barn tonight – should be a fast skating game, I will be there tonight taking photos and whatnot. I will post a recap and hopefully a pregame post sometime later on today.

Michael Schuerlein

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