Islanders Fall to Kings 3-1

Has anyone else seen that NHL Network commercial with the coach who speaks in circles? There is one going around about his team lacking the ability to finish (Failed to put the biscuit in the basket and other analogies) and the latest is the same coach talking to his team about giving 110%, 100% of the time and how if only 50% gave 110% it would be less than 100% and well….you get the idea. My point is that these commercials were made for the New York Islanders.

How many times this season have the Isles gone into a game knowing they couldn’t afford to lose two valuable points, yet play uninspired hockey? I am really starting to lose track – but it’s up there for sure. Things are getting so bad now that the media talks amongst themselves about how they really need to wake up and establish their game – the one that made them so successful at the start of the year.

Having been the 23rd home game I have attended this season (yes, I actually missed three!) – I have started to notice how Nolan goes from his normal reserved self, to that of reserved yet awkwardly annoyed. He never shows us very much emotion and I don’t know if I like that or not. To me, as a hockey player – I prefer to see a coach wear his emotions on his sleeve. I know Nolan is very well spoken and makes himself crystal clear in what he expects from his players – but something isn’t working. I was talking with Ken Rosenblatt of Islanders Outsider on the way to our vehicles tonight, and I told him that I cannot understand why a system that is clearly flawed has not been adjusted at this point of the season. For the first time, head coach Ted Nolan actually admitted his systems may have in fact be flawed tonight – and will consider adjusting numerous aspects. My question is what made tonight’s game the deciding factor? Why not 20 games into the season when there was still plenty of season left?

I figured I would be a bit different tonight and not go off on a tangent about the things the team should have done better, at this point of the season anyone who follows the team with any bit of regularity knows their faults. The effort tonight should alert management that whatever possible trades are available as of tonight – need to be explored. The further this season gets, the less confidence that I have they are capable of making the playoffs. Something else that concerns me, the team is pretty much made up of players built from the same mold – so when someone goes cold, they ALL go cold. Unfortunately it hasn’t worked in the polar opposite, because not many of them have actually been hot for any significant stretch.

Ken and I spied Garth Snow heading down the runway to the locker rooms on our way out and I commented that Snow looked as if he aged a few years since he stopped playing. I noticed that his hair was getting very grey, so Ken said maybe he wanted to appear more distinguished. Maybe the way his team is falling apart has him languishing over the possible roster moves he needs to make. At last count we have numerous players who will be unrestricted free agents come July – but who can help us bring in help to this struggling team?

The team cannot afford to lose valuable points while teams trailing us and ahead of us continue to gain momentum. The Capitals, Boston and the Rangers all won tonight – making an already tight conference even tighter. Something needs to be done, and soon.

Michael Schuerlein


  1. it’s all so true Mike. Everything you said. Bold moves need to be made or we can just be happy with getting through the rest of the games, and booking Tee time in April.

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