Habs Roll Over Islanders 4-1

First Period

2:12 PM 51 seconds in and the Islanders are in the box. Not a good way to establish momentum.
2:14 PM Penalty killed
2:16 PM Another penalty…. Meyer for hooking.
2:19 PM Penalty killed
2:20 PM The Comrie-Satan line looks like it could have some chemistry. Got a decent shot on goal there.
2:27 PM Why? I want to know why they take themselves off sides so many times?
2:34 PM Hey whaddayaknow – another Islanders penalty!
2:37 PM Penalty killed
2:38 PM Comeau just creamed Higgins who appears hurt (I think it was from behind I was looking down) – not good. Minor penalty on Comeau for boarding and Ryder for roughing. Lucky for all parties involved in the hit.

2:41 PM Meyer taken down on the 4-on-4 and the Isles will be up a man….. Guerin off the BAR!
2:43 PM Komisarek looks like he is taking two penalties here. TIMEOUT Islanders – did Ted read the thread on Islanders Country? Islanders on the two man advantage for 54 seconds.

2:46 PM Bergeron hit the post!

What an end to the period – lots of excitement and some gritty play with excellent play by both goaltenders. We had a post and a crossbar on the power play and we will start the Second period with a power play. The Islanders need to take this and get one past Huet – big opportunities here.

Second Period

Well….it was supposed to be the start of the second but they brought them back to their first period sides after a clock adjustment – the Isles were shorted 11 seconds of power play time so they played 11 more seconds….

Once the second period actually started – a bad pass by Guerin leads to a shorthanded goal. Way to go Bill.

3:15 PM Satan to Comeau and its a tie game!
3:21 PM Hunter called for tripping……here we go again.
3:22 PM Power play goal Montreal – 2-1
3:25 PM Meyer with a pretty play to Fedotenko – Tank completely misses the net.
3:31 PM Poor passing by the Islanders, poor clearing – turnover Kovalev scores 3-1
3:40 PM Islanders power play
3:44 PM Islanders fail to convert on the power play, but the also did not allow a shorthanded chance.
3:45 PM Sillinger goes to the net and gets taken down – Isles back on the power play. See what happens when you are strong on the puck boys?

Period is over, Islanders are on the power play when play continues in the 3rd.

Third Period

4:03 PM Another Islanders power play come and gone.
4:10 PM Ryder off for holding Gervais – Islanders PP
4:13 PM Yet another chance blown – this team cannot generate anything today.
4:20 PM Islanders take their record breaking 100th penalty of the game! Ok so maybe they didn’t take their 100th penalty, but it sure feels like it.
4:24 PM Penalty killed
4:34 PM Very poor breakout, poor shot selection, poor passing, no skating – typical play by the Islanders.
4:35 PM 4-1 Habs

I have nothing else to say here with a minute remaining in the 3rd. Not a very good showing by the Islanders – two more points slip away as the season passes the team by.

Michael Schuerlein


  1. I wish this was the AHL and they had to takea BUS home! Give them plenty of time to THINK about what they did WRONG.

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