Let’s Make it FIVE!

I know I am not alone when I say that I am ecstatic to see the team playing so well right now. No matter what road blocks the team faces – they seem to steam right through them and do their thing! I know I have mentioned this in each post during the streak (so I refuse to stop), just 5 games ago, the islanders found themselves in the longest losing streak of their season – they now find themselves in the middle of their longest point streak. Talk about rags to riches!

I read something interesting over on Islanders Outsider today, the Islanders last won 6 in a row from 12/21/03-12/31/03. Personally, this is an accomplishment that I really need to see tonight. However, the Islanders need to be up to task in order to pull out the win in D.C.. (Kudos to Ken for digging through the media guide to find the exact dates).

The Isles have fared very well this season against the Capitals, the current season series between the teams is led by the Islanders 2-1-0, but in the previous match ups against Sir Alex Ovechkin and his Capitals the Islanders had their full healthy contingent of defensemen to shut down the dynamic Alex duo.

Drew FataThe defense will look a little different tonight, most notably a little smaller now that the 6’6″ 245 lb Sutton is replaced by 6’1″ 209 lb Bridgeport call up in Drew Fata. Witt also remains out tonight with that sprained MCL and the responsibility of shutting down Ovechkin usually falls on his shoulders, so to pick up for his absence – Freddy Meyer and Radek Martinek will have to do their best Witt impersonations (something they have been successful at thus far). Just like the last several games, in order for the Islanders to remain successful, they need to stay clear of the penalty box and skate hard against a much faster team. The defense needs to play a smart game and not get caught out of position leaving DiPietro fending for himself. Forwards need to crash the net as they have been doing (Fedotenko, Hunter, Guerin and even Hilbert) and knock in those garbage goals.

Bring it to them boys, make me proud!

Michael Schuerlein


  1. Now I read on the Caps blog Japers’ Rink that the Isles last won five in a row during the 2003 season. And the most recent word on my original source now indicates December 1993 (which might have accounted for the earlier 1994 reference being that it was the ’93-’94 season). I think more research is in order!

  2. It’s funny, Mike. I was looking all over the Web to confirm that info. Then, suddenly, it hit me: I have a media guide! Sure enough, it took all of a minute to get the answer from there. Sometimes a good ol’ book is still the way to go.

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