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I have a great announcement that I have been wanting to talk about since Monday, although I have touched upon it in a few of my recent posts already so it’s not entirely a surprise.

This coming Tuesday, February 26th – is the annual NHL trade deadline day, one of the most exciting days next to the post season and July 1st for a hockey fan. Looking back no further than last year, the deadline was especially exciting for Islanders fans as the team traded for Captain Canada – Ryan Smyth, in a move nobody in the hockey world saw coming. It proved that the rookie GM Garth Snow wasn’t afraid to tango and make a splash on one of hockey’s busiest days.

You may have been following the day on many of the great rumor websites, the streaming broadcast on TSN, Sportsnet’s ticker or even on Greg Logan’s blog. This year, you can add several more sites to your list of websites to frequent. Islesblogger.com and several of the other Blog Box websites were invited to the Coliseum to experience deadline day in a behind the scenes fashion. Coverage will begin at 10:30 AM for morning practice, exclusive interviews with Garth Snow and we will be providing you with up to the second information on what we are seeing and hearing around the organization and leading up to zero hour when the deadline passes. The Islanders are also taking on the Pittsburgh Penguins that night, so it will be a long fun filled hockey day!

In order to cover this event in the best possible way I can, I purchased a new laptop specifically for Tuesday so I can live blog, upload pictures and even watch the latest developments on TSN and the NHL network through my Slingbox! This is truly a first of it’s kind development for the Blog Box and it should be worth all of the excitement!

However, there are no guarantees that the Islanders are sure to make as big of a splash as they did last season, but it doesn’t mean there won’t be moves made. The Islanders have a laundry list of platers nearing unrestricted free agent status who will be valuable to playoff contenders.

Who will stay and who will go? Who will the Islanders add? Stay tuned to Islesblogger.com Tuesday to find out!

Trade Deadline Poll

Just wanted to bring the poll from the beginning of the week back up to the top!


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  1. I better bring tissues… if anything happens to Bergie, there’ll be a puddle in the blog box. I, personally, HATE TRADE DEADLINE DAY!!!

  2. I heard that Comrie rejected the latest Isles’ offer. Interesting for a guy that loves the Island. I saw that the Isles are shopping Fedotenko, Satan, and now Comrie. Seems like an awful lot, no? What are you hearing?

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