Let’s Go Streaking, From 6-7?

In a nod to one of the most classic cult comedy movies of all time – OLD SCHOOL, this part will now be played by a character known as Frank “the Tank” Ricard:

Snoop-a-loop! Bring your green hat! We’re going streaking!

Although in our case, our guest of honor isn’t going to be Snoop Dog, the location will not be through the quad and there won’t be any green hats being worn. No, we are going streaking through the Prudential Center – that’s right! On the heels of the Islanders 6th consecutive win against Tampa on Thursday night, the Islanders are set to take on the New Jersey Devils for a matinée game this afternoon. The Islanders will certainly be looking to extend their winning ways to a season high 7 games, against an opponent that they have faired well against. Games like this always make me nervous, because no matter how pumped up the team appears to get, there seems to be a degree of letdown due to feeling over confident in themselves against these types of opponents.

Bruno GervaisHowever, the team will have one important positive going for them today (well two actually), several members of the Blog Box will be in attendance tonight (Dee aka 7thWoman, Tom from The Tiger Track and yours truly) the team will also see the return of one of their injured defenseman in Bruno Gervais! Unfortunately for Drew Fata, that means he will find himself back in Bridgeport after playing in only two games and managing only one point.

Once again, the team needs to continue to do everything they have been doing right since the streak began. A win this afternoon would cement the Islanders a playoff spot going into Tuesday’s trade deadline and will undoubtedly force Garth into adding either offensive or defensive help.

I would love to make an extended post this morning, but truth be told – I need to streak to the train station and catch a train in an hour. This is my first visit to an away game in quite a long time and it’s also the first time I will be seeing the Prudential Center (AKA The Rock) in all it’s glory. I will do my best to post a picture from my phone or an update or two. I get to be a fan more than anything – so I will be wearing my Campoli jersey with pride and rooting the boys on in enemy territory. Should be a great game!

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