Rumor Du’Jour

Just got done talking to an Islanders insider here at the Blog Box. We grilled them on some potential moves and when we got on the subject of Montreal his style of answering changed. When I asked him who could be coming our way and I brought up the Long Island boys – there was a clear period of thought and non-answering. Take it for what it’s worth, but that’s how rumors start. There could also be some potential interest in Hossa, although I don’t feel we have enough assets to make the move.

By Long Island boys I am talking about Chris Higgins and Mike Komisarek.

Just to let everyone in on a little joke today, I am wearing a Ryan Smyth t-shirt that my father got me as a joke for Christmas (He’s a Rangers fan). I figured I couldn’t bring the Islanders any bad luck and it would help warn off evil spirits.

More if and when it happens.

Hossa to Penguins! Yikes

Michael Schuerlein

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