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Howdy ya’ll! You know it’s funny sometimes, I was just talking with Tom Liodice on AIM on how tonight was going to be a night off from posting – yet here I am feverishly typing away. I will make this one quick though because it’s got my brain working overtime (while trying to relax).

There was a bunch of discussion yesterday after the deadline about a deal that almost happened. Speculation ran rampant on who this player was. Garth Snow spoke of this deal in an interview on the Islanders Website. When asked the following question – The biggest story for some is that you didn’t make what would be classified as big moves. Did you come close? Garth answered:

Yes. To be honest, there was one pretty big deal that was close but just didn’t get done on either side. Things happen and don’t happen for a reason. It’s always something we can look into again down the road.

Greg Logan had tried to squeeze Snow for whatever he could on this non-move, what he did manage to get was interesting and he posted it in today’s story in Newsday:

Snow said he considered trading for an impact player who was not part of any other deal yesterday but decided against it because it would have required him to break up this team for the playoff run. The GM added that he never asked Satan to waive his no-trade clause.

For anyone wondering how the relationship between blogger and mainstream media is – I can tell you that it is good. Greg Logan has been one of the most welcoming voices around and he isn’t afraid to share or give his opinion to us. Just last night we happened to be speaking of this very subject. I pressed Greg for anything he had and he seemed to believe that the team involved was in the Western Conference. I spent the better part of today thinking about WHO this player could be because of the statement from Garth that it could happen again “down the road”.

Jonathan CheechooThinking back to yesterday’s moves – we dealt primarily with Western Conference teams – Anaheim, San Jose and a mid-western team in Minnesota. I don’t really see Anaheim dealing any impact players as they are pretty much a lock for the post season but they could move Doug Weight. Would they move Getzlav though? Minnesota I don’t know all that much about – but I sincerely doubt that they move Gaborik or Demitra. Do the Wild have any other impact players? This brings us to the Sharks – right off the bat everyone would say names like Roenick, Marleau and Grier. One name that jumps off the page at me is Jonathan Cheechoo.

Cheechoo is a player who has been holding his own for some time; he plays hard, hits hard and is a gritty player. One would say that he is a “Ted Nolan” type player – coincidentally he is the quintessential Nolan type player. Cheechoo was influenced by Ted Nolan growing up and Ted Nolan has helped Cheechoo throughout his career. Cheechoo and Nolan are both members of different First Nations’ tribes – Nolan has been a calming voice, father figure and role model for numerous players throughout the years, including the recently traded Chris Simon.

We may never find out who this deal was originally for, or we may find out if it ever does wind up happening it could go either way. Something that does gives this “almost move” merit is the fact that Garth had been working the phones and obviously dealt with San Jose during the day. Did discussions with the Sharks continue down to the zero hour of the deadline? The only thing that doesn’t change is Cheechoo’s connection and respect for Ted Nolan and this could lead to Jonathan finding himself in an Islanders sweater someday soon.

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