Core of the Four

This afternoon the Islanders are set to take on the Florida Panthers after an on ice ceremony celebrating the men responsible for the 4 consecutive Stanley Cup’s won on Long Island – The Core of the Four. I am about to head over there to catch the ceremony, I want to be able to snap as many pictures as I can (minus the walk of champions because it has already began as I write this).

This is another important game for the Islanders, as each loss from here on out gives them less of a chance to make the playoffs. A win today will also help lift the game of the Islanders – as so many of the teams greats will be in attendance. It should be a great game to watch and be in the building for. I love the honor and respect given to the Islanders greats.

Hopefully the Islanders can muster up the will to play a complete game and secure two extremely valuable points today. Catch you after the game!

Michael Schuerlein


  1. Well, they didn’t play a complete game and didn’t secure two extremely valuable points. What’s your opinion Michael are we going to see more of the kids? Maybe Okposo?

  2. No they certainly did not play a complete game – it was depressing really. It seems that they can only manage to play well in spurts.

    Two more points slipped away, although they control their own destiny at this point, as 11 of their remaining games are against divisional rivals – thats 22 huge points up for grabs. Guerin said today he didn’t want to play the role of spoiler or play in meaningless games, so hopefully the team responds against the Rangers this week.

    With Neilsen out now for 2-4 weeks, Colliton should remain up with the big club. In fact, the Hunter, Vasicek, Fedotenko line and the kid line played pretty well – the kid line just needs more Nolan trust and ice time. They wanted to score today, unlike their teammates. As far as Okposo, we will only see him with 9 games remaining – if he plays more than 9 games he loses a year of his contract. In a conversation with Snow on Tuesday – he told us we will definately see him at some point this season.

  3. That’s nice to hear about Okposo. I have to say though, I’ve never been as dissapointed in this team or franchise, as I have now. My biggest bone of contention is the fact that this team has made no progress, and it’s not like they are getting younger as they have one bonafide prospect (Okposo). I will say, I like what I have seen out of Comeau, but Nolan will not give the young guys a lot of ice time. I would say that my frustration is that aside from DiPietro, the Isles lack that one talented front line player that you want to pay to see play every night. I’m not sure what the answer is, but my fear is that the same team will be brought back next year.

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