Epic Meltdown

What, is that smell?

Rob Davison Clearly, it is the smell of scorched jockstraps – after what was a very devastating loss to the Tampa Bay Lightning last night 8-4. Ted Nolan had what could only be described as “a night”, last night. I say it like that because despite his normal demeanor in the post game press conference, his answering was completely un-Ted like. I’m lucky – I really am, as I get to see the players and coaches after every game. I hear and see them first hand when the cameras are and are not rolling, so this was really the first time anyone outside of the room(s) (Room Six as we have come to know it, and the locker room) has seen or heard what what pure frustration sounds like. I want to emphasize, that the showing of frustration is a positive thing – not a negative as many of the message board posters have been saying. Wouldn’t you be more concerned with a player or coach who shows no emotion after a bad loss? I know I would.

Notes and Quotes

Just in case you all haven’t read the latest from last night’s loss, I have gathered some of the juiciest quotes in one location for you all to enjoy.

Nolan on DiPietro:

“The only thing you can do is keep going through it over and over again. You can’t do that. You’ve got to let our defense handle it a little bit more. He just wants to play it. What can you do?”

Greg Logan asking DiPietro of Nolan’s comments and if he had a response:

“No. Whatever.”

Guerin on DiPietro (Per Greg Logan’s latest blog entry):

“Ricky is a competitor,” Islanders captain Bill Guerin said. “He just tries to do whatever he can to make the team better. Nobody can really tell him…I mean, what are you going to do? He’s one of the best puckhandlers in the league for goaltenders. You don’t want to take his competitiveness away from him. You’ve got to be patient.

Nolan on the injuries and callups:

“I don’t know if we’re the New York Islanders or the Bridgeport Sound Tigers right now. There’s so many guys out, so many new guys.”

If you look at all these quotes, it is easy to see why so many people could twist and turn words into making stories where there are none. The team, as a whole – is completely frustrated and has no idea how to get past the endless injuries suffered this season. From the opening night roster, I would say about half are currently playing – which includes 4 original defensemen. I know, I know – injuries aren’t to blame for this teams woes, but it has a very big part to do with their situation.

Rick DiPietroOnto the game from last night – DiPietro, had he stayed in net would have faired a lot better. When the score was 3-2 in favor of Tampa, the score should have really read 2-1 Islanders as two of Tampa’s goals came when DiPietro was barely in his crease. This knocked him off of his game and the Lightning began to attack. Shot, after shot, after shot appeared to give DiPietro trouble and what resulted was an 8-4 loss. The Islanders power play scored a rare goal, I think they are now 1 for their last 97 chances. Their power play continues to struggle, giving up the first two goals surrendered on either a man advantage and a two man advantage. They were out hustled, out hit, out just about everythinged.

So, what little bit of hope the team had to make the playoffs has faded into the slightest glimmer, ever. It is after this realization that the team moves into Sunrise, Florida tonight to take on a team that shut them out despite a 53 shot barrage on their netminder. Should prove to be an interesting game, considering the team will now be without Fedotenko (knee), Hilbert (ankle) and Witt (knee).

And now, your New York Bridgelanders!

Michael Schuerlein

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  1. remind me to bring a clothespin for my nose into the locker room on Tuesday.

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