So My Question Wasn’t Too Bad

I think I may have over-reacted a bit last night and had a complete brain lock – because Ted Nolan did offer a fair amount of insight into what he changed in their style of play between the Flyers game and the game last night against Pittsburgh. You can hear me stumble through the question at the 3:35 mark of the video on iTV:

For those who may not want to watch or listen, I asked the Coach

“What did you change in the game plan exactly, as last night you guys seemed a little timid. You didn’t really go into the corners and would be two or three steps away and get beaten to the puck a little bit.”

Ted’s response:

“We can’t give away all our secrets :laughs:. We changed just the way we go into the neutral zone, it was a big thing. A lot of these guys have played for many different coaches, a lot of different systems and we changed a little bit in the neutral zone to help in our defensive zone and tonight it paid off.”

So there you have it, while I may not have posed my question in the greatest way – I did get a fairly respectable (albeit open ended) answer anyway. I think I was more or less embarrassed by the way it came out – it happens and I can laugh about it now.

At least the questions I have asked previously have sounded more professional – there is some hope for me!

Michael Schuerlein

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