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Mike ComrieI don’t know how this rumor got started, but it was posted on two separate message boards today. It basically said that Mike Comrie would be missing the remainder of the season due to a hip injury requiring surgery.

This rumor is not entirely true.

From what I gathered, Mike Comrie does have an injury to the hip and will indeed miss the game tomorrow – what happens after that depends on how fast whatever the injury is heals. As a hockey player, I can give my personal opinion on a hip injury, when they are minor. As I type this, I am nursing a hip pointer suffered tonight in my own game. If I had a game in the next night or so (I have a playoff game Sunday), I would likely sit out depending on how aggravating it is because it makes it harder to skate with such a nagging injury.

Also just wanted to throw some kudos to Isleschick at Islandermania, she actually confirmed the hip injury first.