Islanders Lose to Flyers in Shootout

Okposo Wrap AroundGood evening – in case anyone was wondering what was going on with my gallery today, there was a bit of a hiccup after my host updated the server. I had narrowed down the problem and my host made the necessary changes to get it back online. Anyways, just wanted to talk a bit about the game last night.

Right from the drop of the puck, the Islanders were able to keep the pressure on the Flyers – whom seemed a bit snake bitten having lost to NJ the night prior. The Islanders were able to take a 1-0 lead after the puck to a ridiculously funny bounce and caught Nittymaki out of position. Richard Park corralled the rebound and put the puck (and himself) into the net. After a brief review the goal was determined as good and we were on our way.

Second period the Isles came out and the Park, Okposo, Comeau line looked great (as they have the past several games) and Okposo would show strong puck possession and Comeau would make the score 2-0. Goals by Brier and Lupul would tie the game, and eventually Franz Nielsen playing in his first game after missing several – would get the go ahead tally (and secure the crowd with FREE Wendy’s Chili!). The lead wouldn’t last however, as the Flyers would storm back and tie the game again on a goal by Richards. Overtime would be pretty uneventful, despite a carry over power play for the Islanders for virtually the entire 2 minutes, and then being awarded a late over time power play – they couldn’t convert.

Into the shootout, Ken Rosenblatt of Islanders Outsider and I were discussing who the probable first three shooters for the Islanders would be – we collectively nailed all three; Nielsen, Okposo and Park. However, the outcome of each we did not guess – as they all failed to put their club on the board. Daniel Briere would be the sole scorer in the shootout for the Flyers – and would earn the extra (and much needed) point.

Wade Dublielewicz would make 51 stellar saves in his performance, but it wouldn’t be enough in the end. The “taxi-squad” as they have been affectionately named in the media – continues to shine. Okposo, Bergenheim, Neilsen, Spiller, Colliton, and Reiger are all making their case for full time work or at least an extended look next season. With the Flyers getting points in their last several games – it should make the games later next week against the Devils and Rangers very, very exciting. The Rangers are likely to find themselves in a must-win situation – and it will be ever so exciting to watch.

Okposo Watch – Game 6

As I have been doing in Kyle’s time up with the big club, here are his stats from the game against the Flyers:

Total Shifts: 19
Time on Ice: 17:40
Power Play Time: 1:12
Penalty Kill Time: :00
Average Shift: :55
Shots: 3
Blocked Shots: 1
Missed Shots: 2
Assists: 1
Points: 1
Takeaways: 1
Giveaways: 0
Hits: 1
+/-: +2

It’s been really interesting to watch Okposo’s time on ice increase game after game, he has also been shooting the puck more (although he’s been having a problem actually getting them on net) but his confidence will get there. He continues to play a well rounded game and show poise on the puck, much like Comeau. One thing about Okposo, you know when you see that Isles sweater in front of the net or scoring position – it’s none other than Kyle.

I know I am impressed, as are many of the other fans in my section.

Michael Schuerlein

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