Islanders Try to Halt Rangers From Clinching

Home Game 41, Rangers at Islanders – non mas for the Islanders at home until September.

As as season ticket holder, the notion of no more home games and no playoffs really hits home once you tear out that last ticket. 41 times you go to that spiral bound ticket book and tear out the tickets knowing full well that it will end as it always does. It’s something that this year I hope marks the beginning of change, as there are so many unknowns when it comes to next season. Will we land a stud at the draft? Will we make a big free agent splash? Will there be off season trades? Will next season be the winning season?

Here are a few overly dramatic shots of me tearing out that last ticket:

Moving onto the game, the Islanders are set to entertain the home crowd in big fashion tonight against the always hated rivals – the New York Rangers. What makes tonight interesting is that with Carolina’s win last night over Tampa, the Rangers have not secured their spot in the playoffs just yet. I have a very good feeling we will see a spirited game from both clubs, as the Islanders would want to derail their hopes for at least another game and keep them from clinching on their ice. It’s true they may not have a lot to play for – but there is always pride and teaching the younger players that you don’t ever roll over and die.

Did someone say fisticuffs? While the Islanders haven’t been the toughest team on ice – tonight will be a little different as enforcers Kip Brennan and Drew Fata both playing for the big club. It should also be fun to watch because it is the first taste of the rivalry for Okposo, Keith, Fata and newly signed D-man Jack Hillen. Not only is it Hillen’s first time suiting up against the Rangers, it is also his first taste of the NHL – talk about being thrown into the fire!

I can’t wait to see what happens tonight, I will do my best to update live if something crazy happens!

Okposo Watch – Game 7

I never got around to posting a recap of the Devils game, so that also means I never got around to posting Kyle’s stats either. Here they are:

Total Shifts: 21
Time on Ice: 16:47
Power Play Time: 2:02
Penalty Kill Time: :00
Average Shift: :47
Shots: 1
Blocked Shots: 2
Missed Shots: 0
Assists: 0
Points: 0
Takeaways: 0
Giveaways: 0
Hits: 1
+/-: 0

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