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Draft LotterySo, I am sitting here on pins and needles waiting to see where the balls fall – in regards to the number one overall draft position. The Islanders only have about an 8.1% chance of moving from 5 overall to number 1, so we shall see where we wind up.

I will be doing live updates as the draft happens, for those who do not have the NHL Network or Versus!

Should be an interesting night!

Mind you, the Islanders have moved from the number 5 position to the first overall – in 2000 when drafting Rick DiPietro!

Top 5

They are about to read the top five from 5th to first!

1. Tampa
2. Los Angeles
3. Thrashers
4. St. Louis
5. Islanders

So the Isles got the 5th pick – will they use it on a d-man or will they take a chance with the Russian stud in Filatov?

Keep in mind that teams looking to land a defenseman may wish to exchange picks with the Islanders, so the Isles could theoretically move up or down in the draft through a trade. Tampa Bay will be looking to add Stamkos to their club with the loss of Richards from their big-three, that is a scary thought.

Overall, I must say – the Islanders are in a good position with that 5th pick. I am hoping that they land someone whom can be a difference maker in the organization and fit in with the plans to build a solid core of youth that will flourish in the NHL for years to come.