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Chris Botta’s Youtube Debut!

Posted by on 27 May 2008 | Tagged as: General, News

For those that may not know, Chris Botta has been keeping his blog NYI Point Blank regularly updated since he announced his resignation two weeks ago. Many of us have come to know and love his insightful word wizardry over the course of a year.

Before his official blogging “experiment”, Chris had a regular column of sorts on the Islanders website that would be just about every Friday during the season and off season. It was there that he developed his style of writing and more importantly the fanatic following of his fellow Islander fans.

Today marks a new beginning of sorts for Chris, as he has just started video blogging in addition to his regular blog entries. What I like most about the video blogs is that it gives those who may not have had a chance to ever hear Chris in person, the rare opportunity to hear a seasoned professional speak about something he loves as much as the rest of us – Islanders Hockey!

Before Chris’s sudden departure from the Islanders PR staff, there was talk of a PR podcast which would have featured similar content – this is Chris’s way of making good on that idea. It’s just a shame that he will cease blogging come July 7th. Without further interruption, Season 1 Episode 1 of the NYI Point Blank podcast!

Hillary Duff Talks Islanders On Leno!

Posted by on 22 May 2008 | Tagged as: General, News

I wanted to throw this post up there to prove that I am not completely out of the hockey loop. Call it half of a hiatus if you will. I never really explained that it’s tough for me to post this time of year due to the nature of my job. Being an Air Conditioning mechanic, the winter is my slow time (even though we do heat) so hockey fits my schedule well. The summertime is all about making money, so I rarely have the time or energy after a long day when its warm out.

I found this Hillary Duff video on HFBoards, if you must know. The thing that makes this interesting – is that she is on Jay Leno discussing her life and her current boyfriend, Mike Comrie. Jay delves head first into the hockey questions, and Adam Sandler gives some comedic jabs as well. The Islanders and Mike Comrie were on the national stage – even one of Comrie’s fights against Pittsburgh was shown during the show, check it out below:

Just a short note on next month’s NHL Draft, I should have some exciting news for everyone in the next few days. This is literally some ground breaking stuff – so stay tuned!

Chris Botta Resigns as VP of Media Relations

Posted by on 06 May 2008 | Tagged as: News, Off Season

In a surprising announcement, Chris Botta – the Islanders VP of Media Relations and creator of the Islanders Blog Box has resigned after a 20 year career. Greg Logan has an article in today’s Newsday on this breaking news.

Chris Botta at the trade deadline 2008

Here is a quick quote:

For the past 20 years, Chris Botta helped the Islanders navigate through a public-relations minefield replete with revolving owners and controversial personnel decisions that threatened their existence as a viable NHL franchise. But that relationship ended yesterday when the Islanders’ vice president of media relations announced his resignation for personal reasons. “It was my dream job, and it’s been an incredible ride,” he said yesterday. “But it’s time to end it.”

I know I am nothing short of surprised by this, but in the same breath I can’t imagine anyone being in the same job for 20 years being able to make more of an impact than Chris Botta. Botta has survived ownership changes, coaching changes and even the evil fire spewed forth by fans due to management gutting the team.

After a great season for us in the Blog Box, I find myself a little concerned in the fate of our group of bloggers.

Lastly, having never really gotten the chance to properly thank Chris Botta for all his hard work this year, thank you. Never in my life have I felt more welcomed and embraced by a team that I follow closer than anything. The ability to see the behind the scenes things we have has been a dream come true. I hope your “personal reasons” are nothing more than wanting to spend time with your kids and that everyone has their health. Islanders nation (at least in my eyes) has lost their brightest star today.