Hillary Duff Talks Islanders On Leno!

I wanted to throw this post up there to prove that I am not completely out of the hockey loop. Call it half of a hiatus if you will. I never really explained that it’s tough for me to post this time of year due to the nature of my job. Being an Air Conditioning mechanic, the winter is my slow time (even though we do heat) so hockey fits my schedule well. The summertime is all about making money, so I rarely have the time or energy after a long day when its warm out.

I found this Hillary Duff video on HFBoards, if you must know. The thing that makes this interesting – is that she is on Jay Leno discussing her life and her current boyfriend, Mike Comrie. Jay delves head first into the hockey questions, and Adam Sandler gives some comedic jabs as well. The Islanders and Mike Comrie were on the national stage – even one of Comrie’s fights against Pittsburgh was shown during the show, check it out below:


Just a short note on next month’s NHL Draft, I should have some exciting news for everyone in the next few days. This is literally some ground breaking stuff – so stay tuned!

Michael Schuerlein

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