Chris Botta’s Youtube Debut!

For those that may not know, Chris Botta has been keeping his blog NYI Point Blank regularly updated since he announced his resignation two weeks ago. Many of us have come to know and love his insightful word wizardry over the course of a year.

Before his official blogging “experiment”, Chris had a regular column of sorts on the Islanders website that would be just about every Friday during the season and off season. It was there that he developed his style of writing and more importantly the fanatic following of his fellow Islander fans.

Today marks a new beginning of sorts for Chris, as he has just started video blogging in addition to his regular blog entries. What I like most about the video blogs is that it gives those who may not have had a chance to ever hear Chris in person, the rare opportunity to hear a seasoned professional speak about something he loves as much as the rest of us – Islanders Hockey!

Before Chris’s sudden departure from the Islanders PR staff, there was talk of a PR podcast which would have featured similar content – this is Chris’s way of making good on that idea. It’s just a shame that he will cease blogging come July 7th. Without further interruption, Season 1 Episode 1 of the NYI Point Blank podcast!

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  1. You know what… although this is fun… I’m really more of a fan of the written word. Then you can go over the sentences a few time to retain them. Print it out and files things that you want to use for reference and hold onto them.
    Video is cool, but I think it loses something.
    Ok… I just proved how old school I am.

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