No, Thank You Marc

It’s not everyday that you hear the entire fan base of an organization spew forth an expletive laden rant when reading “news” on an old player.

No, strike that from the record.

When you are a fan of the New York Islanders you have an unfortunate level of expectation this time of year. You also learn that the organization can be somewhat like a crazy relative in their decision making. You love the relative no doubt, but you may not understand the way they think or agree with their decisions all the time.

When I received an email on Greg Logan’s Yashin article Saturday night, I was out to dinner with my fiancé. I literally laughed out loud and she asked what was wrong. I told her about the story behind Yashin and the laughter spread across the table. Even casual hockey fans know a good joke when they hear one.

Fortunately, Logan’s story doesn’t mean the return of Yashin is set in stone. If you read it carefully you can see the ploy of Yashin’s agent – in the dark, without a flashlight. This is clearly an attempt to get his client attention, all the while making the Islanders look foolish (they need little help there Marc).

The two sides are said to have had talks, hopefully the talks involved abrupt laughter from Garth Snow and a dial tone. Gandler claims his player received big offers from Russian teams, but makes no mention of NHL interest. Chris Botta brings this to light and breaks things down in his blog yesterday. He also mentions the Newsday editors lack of reading articles before they title them – great stuff.

I will expand on this later, I am posting from my phone and wanted to get my feelings on this out there while it was fresh in my mind.

To reiterate, no matter the level of desperation by the Isles – just say no to Yashin.

Thank you!

Michael Schuerlein


  1. If they say YES to Yashin, they can say NO to butts in the seats next season for sure. And one of them would be MINE!

  2. The only way I would take Yashin back is at a contract valued no more than 1 year at $1 million dollars. I almost feel as if Wang had this plan all along and somehow found a loophole in the buyout provision of the CBA.

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