McCabe Plus #7 for Isles #5?

Bryan McCabeAnother hot rumor this morning!

OTTAWA — If often-criticized defenceman Bryan McCabe is a potential victim of the imminent Maple Leafs housecleaning as is expected, it likely will not come via the buyout route.

That was the word yesterday from Maple Leafs general manager Cliff Fletcher, who is aware that McCabe’s average salary of $5.75 million US translates to a hefty cap hit (almost $3-million per season for six years) in the event the Leafs attempted to buy him out.

The more logical way to go is to trade the veteran defenceman, the belief being that McCabe might waive the no-movement clause in his contract in order to go to a preferable destination such as the New York Islanders. The McCabes spend their off-seasons on Long Island, where Bryan’s wife, Roberta, grew up.

One theory making the rounds here leading up to tomorrow’s 2008 entry draft was that the Leafs might attempt to include McCabe and their No. 7 overall pick to the Islanders for a package that includes the No. 5 selection. By moving up two spots, the Leafs likely would land either Niagara defenceman Alex Pietrangelo or Russian forward Nikita Filatov, two players they covet.

But rather than make a knee-jerk reaction deal, the Leafs are thinking that it might be more prudent to wait until August when McCabe’s value on the market could swell slighty. With only two blue-chip free-agent blue liners — Brian Campbell and Wade Redden — available in free agency, McCabe, who has struggled the past couple of seasons, might fetch more interest by teams desperate to augment their back end.

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Not sure I like this as it goes against two statements from Garth. Why lose the fifth overall and absorb cap space and age?

The only way I like this deal is if we get McCabe, the #7 pick, and one of Kyle Wellwood or Alexei Ponikarovsky. We get a top pairing d-man, retain a great first round pick and get a young veteran to retain the “youth movement” feeling.

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  1. I’m pretty sure I started this rumor on hockeybuzz yesterday morning.

    I don’t think it’d be that bad. McCabe is being paid pretty close to market value, and he could teach Campoli how to QB the PP. Let’s face the facts, they aren’t going to be able to sign Redden, Liles or Streit.

  2. McCabe would benefit the team no doubt, I agree that the other d-men we have little chance getting. I’d do it if Toronto includes a prospect as well.

    All that preaching of a youth movement, I want more youth in return.

  3. Maybe Garth is just pulling everyone’s chain and knows he’s going to pick Doughty, Filatov or Pietrangelo. That would be funny.

    Have fun at the draft, you’re living the dream.

  4. shinkdew,

    You know, I wouldn’t really put it past Snow to throw the rest of the GM’s off his scent trail.

    I honestly didn’t feel like I was “living the dream” until we started getting asked to do all these hockey shows! Then again, when Greg Logan emails you and invites you out – I guess we are living the dream!

    I cannot wait, excited and nervous all at the same time.

    I hope we don’t let everyone down, this is going to be an awesome weekend!

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