McCabe’s Agent: Rumor Denied!

Well, can’t really say I am surprised by this denial. I am somewhat relieved that the madness surrounding McCabe has been stomped out once again because I really want the Islanders to draft Nikita Filatov.

At least for now the Islanders are standing pat with that #5 pick!

Per Sportsnet.ca:

Bryan McCabe’s agent Ian Pulver offered a quick response to a story in the Toronto Sun that suggested the Maple Leafs would try to move the defenceman to the Islanders in a draft-day deal and would not cosnsider a buy-out.

“We continue to hear that the Leafs want to trade Bryan McCabe. Bryan has a no-move clause in his contract that was negotiated with and agreed to by the Leafs. Bryan is not inclined to waive the no-move clause,” Pulver told Sportsnet.ca. “He enjoys living and playing in Toronto and the team is a first-class organization. Bryan has logged more minutes than any other Leafs player in the past seven years and given his heart and soul to this franchise. If the Leafs want to move forward without Bryan they should buy out the remaining years on his contract.”

The report suggested that McCabe might be willing to accept a trade to Long Island, where he and his wife reside during the off-season.

McCabe still has three years remaining on a six-year deal that pays the defenceman around $5.75 million per season.

Until the next episode of “As the McCabe Rumor turns!”

Michael Schuerlein

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  1. It would make to much sense for us to trade a pick for an actual player. What a concept.

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