So Far So Good!

Tom Liodice and I are back at the room and just finished up lunch. We came all the way to Canada just to eat Subway folks – Mangez Frais! We walked back from the iTV interview happy with our performance and took in some of the sites here in Ottawa. I snapped some pictures of Tom being interviewed and he did the same for me. I also believe that Tom shot some video of me being interviewed – look for that soon!

The pictures are from my iPhone, we really didn’t feel like dragging everything with us because it was a fairly long walk to the other hotel.

Tom being interviewed:
Tom Liodice iTV interview

Me being interviewed:
Michael Schuerlein iTV interview

View from Rue Welling:

Supreme Court Building:
Supreme Court Building

We will be heading out here in about an hour to catch the shuttle to Scotia Bank Place. We are also scheduled to do the Islesnation radio show sometime around 3:30 or 4:00. I will post a link when I get one.

Josh Bernstein claims the Islanders TV stuff will be online tonight, for all your viewing pleasure. He claims we did a great job and won’t be disappointed. We shall see about that one!

The excitement is certainly building here, at least with Tom and I.

Michael Schuerlein

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