In The Media Risers!

Well, Tom and I are sitting next to the guys from Islanders TV and to my immediate left is Steve Mears the Islanders radio voice.

Internet connection over here is, to sum it up – PUTRID. There are tons of media folks here trying to connect at the same time. We have literally been here for about 45 minutes and this was the first time I could connect.

I am going to start a draft gallery in the next few minutes, I will try to get up as many pictures as I can – when I can.

The arena is buzzing, absolutely buzzing. Fans are trickling in and there is a frenzy of activity on the draft floor. I can’t really see the Islanders draft table from my vantage point because it is all the way near the draft board.

If you are a hockey fan, this experience is definitely worth every bit of planning and headache you may run into (and just think, it’s not even the most exciting part!).

Stay Tuned!

Michael Schuerlein

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