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Just got word that “The Hockey News” show on XM Radio was summarizing this years draft and who made good picks. The host of the show proclaimed that the New York Islanders were far and away winners by trading for extra picks and drafting as many top level picks as they have.

The fan perception that the Islanders made mistakes in trading down twice in the first round, is clearly not held by the media here in Ottawa. Everyone we have come in contact with has loved the bevy of picks the Islanders made. Everyone speaks VERY highly of Bailey, with one person saying “Bailey is likely the smartest hockey player of the draft, has some of the best vision and could be at the very least a second line center, maybe even a first liner.” If paired with Okposo (as some suspect), the Islanders could have quite the 1,2 punch on the first line for years to come.

I hear that even the guys on NHL network complimented the scouting and drafting of the Islanders as well – now only if we can convince the fans that this draft was NOT a bust.