Islanders Deemed Draft Winner!

Just got word that “The Hockey News” show on XM Radio was summarizing this years draft and who made good picks. The host of the show proclaimed that the New York Islanders were far and away winners by trading for extra picks and drafting as many top level picks as they have.

The fan perception that the Islanders made mistakes in trading down twice in the first round, is clearly not held by the media here in Ottawa. Everyone we have come in contact with has loved the bevy of picks the Islanders made. Everyone speaks VERY highly of Bailey, with one person saying “Bailey is likely the smartest hockey player of the draft, has some of the best vision and could be at the very least a second line center, maybe even a first liner.” If paired with Okposo (as some suspect), the Islanders could have quite the 1,2 punch on the first line for years to come.

I hear that even the guys on NHL network complimented the scouting and drafting of the Islanders as well – now only if we can convince the fans that this draft was NOT a bust.

Michael Schuerlein


  1. You can count me on board. I was blown away when I heard it unfolding. Bailey sounds strong, so we’ve given up a blue-chipper for a player who could arguably have just as good of a career, plus Garth Snow has completely stuffed the cupboard (and given us future trade ammo) with all the extra picks. I’m happy!

    Nice work on all the photos and updates, too!

  2. Hi, I just found your site yesterday. I really like it, especially the fact that it’s updated often.

    As for the draft, I also think the Islanders did far and away better than a lot of people think.

    The team needed to stockpile picks, and with the Islanders history of high-round busts, the law of averages needs to be taken into account here.

    Having seven of the first 80 players taken (or something around there) is better than having the 5th pick and like, four or five of the first 80.

    You throw the net out there and see what you catch. it’s all a crapshoot anyway, so you might as well have the biggest net around.

    I say good job, Garth. Let’s hope things work out well for us – even if I’m secretly rooting for the team to suck this year so we can get that great phenom everyone’s talking about – the next Crosby or Gretsky or whatever.

  3. Being at the draft party yesterday, I was embarrassed to be there when every one got all in a tiff and left even before Bailey was drafted, when half of them probably have never seen any of these prospects play except some of the flashy youtube videos that people put together. I think this was a great draft for the Isles. And people have been complaining about not developing a true number 1 center this past season, and here is our chance, so I hope a lot of these fans chill out. It’s not like we’re exactly winning the cup next year anyway, so patience Isles fans, and give the kid a freaking chance! He seems willing to move down to the Island and kick some ass, let him do it!

    And bravo to you and Tom for your awesome coverage!!

  4. Agreed. Looks like Snow was smart to pick up a number of 2nd round picks while still getting a stellar 1st rounder.

    Too much emphasis is always placed on the first pick. While getting Filatov would’ve been nice, the reviews on Bailey looks like he has the potential to mesh well with Okposo.

    Hope this works out.

  5. Time will tell on how the draft picks pan out. However, one wonders if Garth could’ve gotten higher picks from Toronto and/or Nashville for allowing them to move up. Bailey mentioned that he’s moving to Long Island immediately – I wonder if that means he’ll have a serious shot at making the roster next season. What, if any, of the current or past draft picks have a legitimate shot at making the team? Does anyone have a list of current salary commitments after removing the UFA’s that Snow said will not be re-signed?


  6. terrible draft picks the isles picked up another josef vasichek or another Bill guerin nobody that can put the puck in the net or draw a crowd, this season ticket is done spending money on this team and the next step is being done with the islanders, im a huge fan of charles wang but snow has got to go, signing trent hunter to a 5 year deal was terrible guys like that are a dime a dozen and the islanders team together can’t put together 100 goals a season

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