Islanders After Hossa?

It’s Eklund, so take it for what it’s worth:

“Source: Isles putting together “mega offer for Hossa””
– Eklund

This Isles fan wouldn’t be surprised if Hossa was part of the plan all along and Charles gave the go ahead on one of his INSANE contract offers.

More IF it develops.

Apparently Eklund made a mistake in the time it took me to get where I was going. Offer is to Rolston.

Thanks to Joe for reminding me to update!

Michael Schuerlein


  1. It was a mistake;

    "Correction: Isles after ROLSTON (e2); Oilers after Hossa (e2)"

  2. You’re Welcome…
    ANyway, it now says on HockeyBuzz that Campbell will cost AT LEAST 70 million…since the Islanders have cash to burn, would you think that would be a wise signing? They have cash to burn, and no hot shot defense prospects..I’m sure DiPietro would like to have Campbell on his team

  3. Campbell for 70 million?

    Eh, that’s another Yashin type contract though. Soup seems worth the risk, but that large of a contract scares me.

    Of course DP would love him, he would love any high skilled guy just as much though.

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