One Last Avery Cheapshot!

Sean Avery - VogueKeeping up with the rumor theme, Sean Avery – now of the Dallas Stars thanks to his 4-year $15.5-Million dollar deal, has never really been the kindest player to the New York Islanders. He has “allegedly” headhunted DiPietro after a concussion, he has spit water at the Ice Girls, speared Brendan Witt, and mouthed off among other cheap shots during the course of his time with the Rangers. This parting shot, sort of makes me chuckle a little bit though and makes me wonder how much he must have been annoyed that the Islanders never even called him.

In an interview with the National Post, Avery claims the Islanders should have reached out to him with an offer for his “services”. It seems someone is a little bitter about being taken away from The Big Apple and the Fashion District.

Avery touched upon high fashion, Russian bathtubs, break-up speeches and a love for New York’s Lower East Side. He was saying goodbye, but not farewell, to Manhattan after signing a four-year US$15.5-million deal with the Stars. In parting, Avery’s most inflammatory barb was a muted blast at the Rangers’ archrivals in New York.

“If they were smart,” Avery said of the Islanders. “They probably would have tried to sign me.”

The Islanders did not even bid for Avery’s services, and the Rangers backed away from the big money the super-pest was going to bring on the open market, despite the fact the team was 33-14-10 with him in the lineup last season and 9-13-3 without.

“I am sitting in a Russian bathtub in the Lower East Side right now,” Avery said. “I spent about a year and a half in New York, and I think it is always a place I am going to come back to live. It’s home.”

Sean, that’s what happens when you wear out your welcome somewhere – you don’t get re-signed or offered a contract by the other local teams. He also fails to mention that Islander management DESPISES him as a player. Oh well – such is life, at least he gave me something else to write about tonight.

Michael Schuerlein

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  1. Oh Sean, Sean, Sean. Garth is smarter than you can imagine. They didn’t even call? That is the best news I’ve heard. It deserves Blog Box cookies for Garth & Co. Enjoy Dallas Sean. Don’t let the big apple door hit you in the a$$ on your way out.

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