Islanders 2008/2009 3rd Jersey!

Arron Asham AfroI touched on this in a previous post, although back then it was only speculation and I couldn’t get confirmation from the team at the time. The 3rd jersey will return during the coming season, and the Islanders will be paying homage to the team of yesteryear in bringing back their inaugural jersey.

This jersey is the same jersey that was worn at the Retro night two seasons ago, most notably “the night Asham wore an afro wig”, and can be seen in the photos to the right and below (Asham with Afro wig and Blake Photo, Credits to AP).

Jason Blake Retro

Confirmation, comes from Howard Berger’s blog on Hockeybuzz:

The Isles are going back to their original road jersey from 1972-73, when they joined the NHL along with the Atlanta Flames. It is a royal-blue base, with broad orange and white stripes on the arms and at the bottom of the jersey. The uniform numbers – as they appeared during the club’s inaugural season – are orange with white trim. Player names will also be orange. The Islanders switched to white jersey numbers after their dreadful first year in the league; when they compiled a 12-60-6 record… worst, to that point, in NHL history.

Some would prefer the Islanders to go back to this jersey full time, while I like the retro version – the new styles have grown on me and I feel they would also be acceptable with a few slight changes. Third jerseys are back though and from what I have heard you may only be able to get these at the team stores or at the Coliseum once available.

Michael Schuerlein


  1. Blake? You HAD to use BLAKE??? You’re trying to KILL me aren’t you Mike???? I thought you liked me…

  2. Sigh…. Still hurts. Guess I just have a problem with that “Move ON!” thing I keep hearing so much about. I call it loyalty. Others call it stupidity. Maybe we’re both right.

  3. 1) Finally an Isles jersey that is an improvement over previous versions. Thank God they didn’t go back to those silly Orange Crush jerseys. Sometimes the past is best. Good job!
    2) That all said, lets call this what it is: A way to make more $$ on jersey/merchandise sales

  4. So the Islanders are going to use the jerseys that gave them a 12-60-6 record? wang, you are doing a tremendous job!! i don’t think any other owner could possible do the incredible things you’ve done to the islanders. Being an Isles fan all my life, i’ve never seen the team continue to go in the downward spiral such as you have brought the team to.You’d think the Islanders are in the mortgage business. You’ve succeeded in making the islanders to be the most undesired franchise to play for. And Long Island isn’t even in some bummf**k part of Canada.

    Keep up the good work, maybe the Isles will change their team name to the "lousy software business men who don’t know sports from their arses".. i will continue to root for the rangers until you sell the team.

  5. Bruce,

    Honestly, will wearing this jersey cause the team to do any better or worse? Let’s be realistic, a teams talent isn’t affected by what uniform they put on.

    I’m as frustrated as anyone, but I stick with the team and support it no matter what. I will likely purchase multiple sweaters as I do every year in a show of support. Merchandising helps the team and the league.

  6. Micheal- So basically you are a fan of a jersey and team name, rather than the players and the organization?

    when you go to the store and buy something, do you buy it strictly for brand name or for it’s quality?

    You say you stick with the team? The team changes every 2 years, just like Computer Associates (aka CA, which most folks who worked there call it CA- Change Again or Changing Always. Wang is a jackass, is trying to run pro sports franchise like a software company, so every fan that supports him is also a jackass. – Nothing personal and sorry to my friends, but you’ll be in misery until he sells… And btw, if you were to ask anyone of my friends, colleagues and even enemies, they will say I’m one of the most positive people you’ll ever meet. Unfortunately I have brains too…

  7. No, I’m a fan of the team – I could careless what jersey they put on.

    I don’t wear brand name clothing, I am mechanic so I wear old navy to work and use free shirts from supply houses. However that’s a bit off topic.

    Names and faces change in all sports, the teams still have fans. One year removed from a bad free agency Garth has a plan and vision. He kept the core together and added the right youth and veteran leadership. This is positive and will turn this franchise around. You have the right to your opinion, but I respectfully disagree.

    None offense taken, nothing personal – as I offer the same respect back to you.

  8. That’s what I’m saying bro! You’re a fan of the team, but nobody stays for more than 2-4 years?

    Snow was good goalie, a plan and vision are good, but "the road to hell is paved with good intentions". You can’t sail a boat whent the skipper is a car collector. Ever.

    Unless the skipper says "this isn’t my gig, I’ll watch you sail my boat on TV" – that is the only possible way the Isles will have a winning season again.

    Until then, you’ll find me at the Garden…

  9. the jerseys will probably be a little bit different than the “Retro Night” version after Reebok’s blind designers get their hands on them. 🙁

  10. Bruce-you are a disgrace to real Islander fans.

    “Being an Isles fan all my life….”
    “i will continue to root for the rangers until you sell the team.”

    How can you be an Islanders fan your whole life then switch to the Rangers?!!!

    You were probably a Jets fan your whole life then switched to the Giants.
    I guess you root for the Redsox too…
    Someone slap some sense into this guy….

    Go Isles!!!!

  11. Buttfister- I’ve always been a fan of the game and the sport as I’m a player too. I’m a disgrace to Islander fans? How about Wang?

    All my friends think there is something wrong and have said similar things. They all think I’ll come back to reality soon. But in all honesty, I’ve always rooted for the Rangers except when they are playing the Islanders then I hated them. Last 2 seasons I attended every Isles/Rags game @ garden and the mauseleum, so how many times have you done so? I grew up on Long Island then moved to the city. It’s much easier to go to the best venue on the planet, it’s just too bad the Isles owner is a retard.

    The Jets suck and always will. The GMEN rule, and I’ll be at the season home world champion opener, you?

    I was rooting for the Yankees AT the game last night..

    Shoot me an email at motofella@gmail.com and I’ll foward you the rants I sent to Wang before the season last year, and you can then decide if I’m a real HOCKEY fan or not… along with what I said to Mad Mike Milbury when I met him at the Yankee game last week…

  12. 1) Bruce: Fauxrumors is NOT a fan of either the Rangers or Islanders, but we can tell you from talking with fans of both teams that almost NONE would say they rooted for both!
    2) You either love one and hate the other, or you’re not a true hockey fanatic. Hockey fans rarely are passive about their teams. While we do agree with you that Wang hasn’t been the God-send that Isles fans thought he’d be when he purchased the team.
    BTW have to be suspicous of an ‘Islander fan’ calling the NVMC the "mauseleum".

  13. I just read all these comments, and I think that changing jerseys is always controversial with fans. Unfortunately Bruce took the the blog off topic by talking about management. Nice work. In my opinion, if the Islanders can get the fans excited by mixing it up with a new uniform, more power to them. Go Isles.

  14. I don’t care if they come up with a third jersey again. I already own over 25, I’m not buying another one…. unless it looks really really good with my new blue shoes.

    Good grief you people get so testy! Oh right… It’s the “off season.” What else is there to do.

  15. The changing of the jerseys are exactly typical of how wang is always changing things. Just lilke computer associates, A.k.a. "CA", if you ask any employee that ever worked there, CA stands for Change Again or Changing Always.. He’s trying to run a hockey franchise like a software company, the jersey is a pure signal of how he’s ruining the Isles. The Isles have had how many changes in jerseys in last 5-6 years? Crap, we had a Norton’s fisherman on there??? (I know that was Spano), but the orange crush I kinda liked, now he’s "Changing Again" what a Doosh! Sell the team you wanker! Or rather wanger!

  16. Bruce-take your medicine.
    Here’s two penny’s cause you are making no sense.
    I love the Isles and I hate the Rangers!

    Go with a third jersey!

  17. I want to know if its true that the Islanders are going back to the retro blue jerseys as the 3rd Jersey? If that the case, hey I like it because I’m brought that 1972 blue jersey and I enjoy it wearing to the game and to go work.

  18. Gustav,

    Yes the Islanders will have the retro jerseys as an alternate jersey this season. It will be similar to the jersey in the photos I posted – but Reebok will likely make it the new material and have some slight changes I am sure.

    Once I find out what these changes are, you know they will be posted right here on my blog.

  19. This is a nice start, with the NY Islander’s uniform, now lets see them bring the uniform’s of 1980, back as their main uniform’s. These new ones are a “joke”.

  20. congratulations, this site is linked from espn’s page 2 uni watch. seems like a pretty big deal, great site

  21. Thanks Sentinal!

    I certainly was surprised yesterday the first time I checked my stats!

    Also thanks to everyone coming over and checking things out!

  22. Bruce Weston – I must respond to your ridiculously negative ranting by standing up for the franchise that I love, as well as Long Island as a whole. The Islanders are our only professional major-league sports franchise here on the Island, and I feel that all Long Islanders should support this team fully.

    The fact that Garth Snow and the management team have decided to go in a rebuilding direction is a positive, not a negative. I harken back to Sparky Anderson’s “Five Year Plan” when he took over the Detroit Tigers. Exactly five years later they won the World Series with a majority of home grown talent from their farm system. Many people forget that the Yankees four World Series championships in a five-year span included numerous home grown players such as Bernie Williams, Andy Pettitte, Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada, Ramiro Mendoza, and many others. Currently, the Detroit Red Wings are dominating the NHL with many players they drafted from both North America and Europe that they developed within their own farm system.

    It is time for Long Islanders to step up and support this team fully- not just when they start winning; not when they give out discounted tickets; not when they have a give-away day for the kids at the Coliseum; but every day whether they win or lose. The word “fan” comes from the word “fanatic.” Not “casual observer”, not “fair-weather fan”, and certainly not “constant complainer.” This must stop.

    It was estimated that when the Cleveland Browns left Cleveland originally – and when the Houston Oilers left Houston- that the local cities involved each lost somewhere between $85-90 million dollars annually. Having a professional sports team in your local area brings lots of tax money and jobs to the area. We must keep the Islanders on Long Island- win or lose. The players, coaches, and employees purchase houses, buy boats and expensive cars, they eat at expensive restaurants, their wives and girlfriends shop in our stores, etc. This leads to many jobs and an abundance of tax money into our economy. If you are a fan of Long Island, then you will be a true Islanders “fanatic.” I have been a season-ticket-holder for 19 years. I attend at least 35 of the 41 home games personally, as well as travel to see the team at least 10 times per season. What this team needs from its’ supposed “fans” is some support, not a bashing.

    Oh, by the way, the old Royal Blue jerseys rule!!!! I will be buying at least five around Christmastime.


    Pete from Section 203


  23. These WILL NOT be the islander 3rd jerseys. A completely new uniform will be unveiled on November 1st. It looks outstanding. Isles fans will be very happy.

  24. @Pete

    Thanks for the great comment!

    I agree, there really is no negative in this situation – the new jersey is such a step backwards.


    At the time I posted this in July, the only hints we had were towarda the jerseys pictured. I read the release today and have not had a chance to update. Thanks to the iPhone I can post from the road.

    Got a picture you can leak? 🙂

  25. OK, I just arrived in Tampa. Checked into the hotel. Heading to the beach, complete with Islanders beach towel, Blue board shorts and Islanders t-shirt and hat. Hope to run into other Islanders fans who have made the trip. If any of you are on islesblogger, let me know.

    Should be a good game tomorrow night. Let’s make some noise for the Isles in the Bolt building!!!!


    Pete from Section 203

    Is anyone else heading to the game in Sunrise, Fla also????

  26. Enjoy Florida and both games!

    Totally jealous, battling traffic near Hofstra right now because of road closures due to the debate.

  27. I had a dream about the 3rd jersey. In the dream it was black with just the shillhouette of long island in orange with orange sleeve stripes. This obviously doesn’t help as far as any speculations go but it looked kind of cool. And way to go Trent.

  28. OK, first of all- Great game last night. Lots of Isles fans in the stands! Awesome. I was in my Hunter jersey and he nets 2 including the OT game-winner. Driving to Ft. Lauderdale in an hour. Girlfriend needs topless beach since they gave her grief by the pool in our hotel in Tampa.

    Michael- I hope your dream does not come true- only the Bruins should wear black jerseys!!!!

    By the way, Bruce Weston never responded to my original post about being a true “fan.”

    Look for me and my girl on TV Saturday night. We’ll be sitting at Center Ice behind team benches. About 14 rows up. We might be visible when they show the bench or coaches. I’ll be in my retro Royal Blue Isles jersey with number 20 Bergenheim on the back.


    Pete from Section 203

  29. By the way, Michael- your game descriptions/play-by-play are phenomenal!!!!

    Keep up the great work.

    I’m new to this blog, and I love it.

  30. OK, We’ve arrived in Ft Lauderdale! Jeez, Tampa to Ft Lauderdale is a long-ass drive.

    Alright fellow IslesBloggers- look for us on TV Saturday night. Heading to the beach right now.

    Are there any other Isles’ fans down here in SoFlo? If so, respond to this and let’s all meet in our Islanders gear at Lulu’s Bait Shack in Ft Lauderdale Beach tonight for drinks.


    Pete from Section 203









  32. I’ve heard the new third uniform, is the uniform of 1972, fine. I’m looking forward to the Islander’s unvailing these, they should look much better in them, rather then the rediculous bad pajamas they wear today. The earlier comment, on 19 straight, certainly “Hits Home” with true NY Islander fans. Now with that said how do we, NY Islander Fan’s, get Mr. Charles Wang to return the main uniform’s of the NY Islander’s, to the “Great NY Islander’s uniform’s of 1980” Let’s return the NY Islander’s to “The Glory Day’s of Today”, by building a great team through, the draft, trades that make sence for our NY Islander’s, and by signing the right free agents. Completeing the “Lighthouse Project”, and by returning the Real Face of the Great NY Islander’s franchise by bringing the uniform’s of 1980 back! For good, and to never be changed again. Thanks, Mark from New Jersey, yes their are many many many NY Islander’s fan’s from NJ, and from many parts of the country. The Greatest Hockey Team of all time, the NY Islander’s that won Four Straight Stanley Cup’s, was in many respects, “The Toast of not only the Town, but also, the Country” Sports fans really appreciated every aspect of this Great Team. They were not only, “Very Good” but they were also very likeable. This great franchise won 19 consecutive playoff series, in those 19 straight, Fourrrrrrrrrrrrr, were Stanley Cup’s. These great teams wore a certain uniform for those 19 straight. Why, I ask, would anyone in this great universe want to change them? Those were the uniforms that most people around this great country, associate Long Island with. Classic’s are trully Classic’s, and to me, and millions of others, should never ever change. The NY Islander’s uniforms, are Classic’s, especially the Classic White’s. They were trully treasures, to most true fan’s. Why do we, true NY Islander’s Fan’s, have to be subjected to these changes. I honestly ask you, how would NY Yankee’s Fan’s react to these insane changes, first the Fisherman disaster, now these follish looking, non NY Islander looking jersey’s. They, as would the hated NY Ranger’s, Dallas Cowboy’s, Green Bay Packer’s, Boston Bruin’s Detroit Red Wing’s, etc. They would go balistic, I’m sorry but Uniform’s are the face of the team, and the face of the franchise. Let’s somehow share this with the Mr. Wang. Again thanks, Mark

  33. Just got back to the hotel. Watching that horrible display of “offense” was hard to deal with.

    I can’t believe the Isles keep taking so many penalties. I can’t believe they can’t find the net!!! Seven goals in 5 games – and 4 by one player- is pitiful!!

    Isn’t Okposo supposed to be a Rookie Of The Year Candidate???!!!

    Flying home to LI tomorrow. We’ll be at Mustang Sally’s in West Islip to watch the Chargers-Bills game tomorrow.

    As aggravated as I am- I still love my Isles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Rumor has it that even though the Islanders new Third Jersey will not be worn until the November 1 game- and it will not be available to retail stores until November 6, that it will be revealed tonight.

    Is that true, and does anyone have a leak as to exactly what it will look like?

  35. We don’t need another messed up jersey.WE NEED ANOTHER CUP.
    The organization should be keeping it simple with tradition and concentrate on winning like the devilsand even the rangers.
    The Islanders can’t afford to make this circus show continue and lose any more fans than they have. Many of the fans the islanders made were in the glory days and were passed onto their kids,i am one of them. Therefore,i think it is crucial for the organization to get every decision right or they will not attract any more fans andmust sell. They must remind us why outside long islanders will want to continue to invest in a stock going bad. Islander fans have been patient enough!

  36. I will be at the unveiling tonight with camera in hand. I will post the photos from the game!

  37. Funny, but I was not very enthusiastic about this unveiling – seemed a little anti-climatic somehow, and yet now that it’s happened, it’s like an old friend has come to visit for an extended stay…..if the IBC photos Michael took are any indication, design changes differing from the original 1974-1977 unis incorporate much wider orange stripes on the arms and waist, understandably causing the white swaths to be significantly narrowed – accordingly, the numbers should be just slightly larger to compensate, but just slightly narrower as they were in…..’77-78, if I’m not mistaken…..while I’m ambivalent about changes to the socks – again, to integrate more orange, as many fans have hoped for, but incongruous to the jersey pattern – the logo is virtually identical to the best representations of it, those being the inaugural year, the 1976-1977 playoffs, and from 1997-2000…..save for the irritating trademark, but that is, admittedly, a minor quibble! Dumb question perhaps, but might it not be a bad idea to add white pinstripes to the orange collar and thereby make the vertical pant stripes less incongruous? Even just one underlying white pinstripe to accent the collar a little and similarly make the revised sock design less incongruous…..

    Two comments about returning to the old shade of orange – in a word, DON’T! It presented too often as a brick red, and didn’t translate its true color well, in a lot of photographs…..I was never ecstatic about the changes to the away uni in 1978; the white hem always had a distinction to it and I’m glad it’s back, although I’m not sold on the tapered RBK variation. And if we must revive the dynasty design – which, BTW, was the motif of a decade until the present jerseys were introduced last year, save for the darker blue, slightly brighter orange and Cup stripes shoulder patch – PLEASE don’t EVER let the proud Islanders logo slip to the amateurish representations of 1978-1982 again! I can’t say this emphatically enough – try to find photos of Bossy around the ’82 finals and you’ll see EXACTLY what I mean, the word ‘ISLANDERS’ in particular – why Boe’s management briefly replaced the restored classic logo with that abomination is a complete mystery (most of these transgressions transpired, of course, just before Pickett took over the team…..). Remember, they narrowed everything on the logo and removed the stick pinstripes entirely from ’78-’80, considerably weakening its visual impact for reasons that have yet to be explained – maybe Botta can do a little research about that as well.

    Lastly, my lighthouse shoulder patch design with the 4 diagonal Cup stripes really needs to be incorporated with the next regular jersey…..as it’s a comparatively simple one, I can reproduce it with little difficulty if desired by management…..

  38. And, oh yes – Reebok really needs to PUT THE DAMNED CORPORATE PATCH ON THE BACK, NOT THE FRONT! Or better yet, dispense with it ENTIRELY…..

  39. ogam,

    Thanks for the comment – you really are educated far more than I on these jerseys!

    While I agree there are a few small things that should be tweaked here and there – the overall mood last night during the IBC event was positive. The players of past like them very much and the current players also liked them.

    Mike Sillinger said “This is how I remember the New York Islanders from when I was a kid watching them”. I thought that was a pretty good statement – especially when it is someone who really tells it like it is.

    I have a bunch of pics I need to upload this afternoon, a few of us went out after the game last night and I got home too late to get them up.

  40. Quit complaining, OGAM.

    I love the new jerseys. The players love them. I already ordered 4 for myself (Okposo, Hunter, Bergenheim, and one with my own last name) and 2 for my girlfriend (one with her own last name, and one with her favorite player- Hunter)

    Wake up, Long Island!!! We are going to lose the only pro sports franchise we have if we don’t start supporting them. Buy jerseys!!!!!!!!! Buy Season Tickets!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Spare me the Pavlovian response, Pete – as someone who has been a devout fan of this team for almost 35 years – in Bruins country to boot and having paid my dues several times over (although there is a longstanding Islanders tradition in MA and the Springfield area) I feel I’ve earned the right to point out ways that the original design might be improved upon without compromising its best representations and attributes – had 2 different variations of it in the 70s, one with a logo (either the Sandow or CCM) and one without…..wish the quality replicas of the last decade had been available back then!

  42. I have a question about a jersey..
    I’m buying a jersey, and I was sent a picture of it. One the front hem, ISLANDERS is written, and the logo is quite small, compared to the bigger style in recent years..
    Do you know when it was worn? Or if it was worn?

    Thanks. :]

    • No way of knowing if it was an official jersey or not, or if it was a replica unless the person you are purchasing it through specifies.

      The logo’s on the replica jerseys are often smaller and either sewn on or ironed on.

      Hope that helps.

  43. Kelci, that is definitely NOT an official jersey; have seen the one you describe on eBay from time to time and it just doesn’t compare favorably to any of the authentic uniform designs…..

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