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Islanders Schedule on my iPhoneEveryone may or may not remember that I created an excel document so you can import the teams schedule into your outlook and mobile calenders last season. For whatever reason the team did not do so last year, so I did one to fill the void. Thankfully, the team has released the mobile calender this season and saved me SOME effort (I had already started creating one).

You can can either download the file on the Islanders website, or in the instructions below!


On the Islanders site, they want you to follow these simple steps:

  1. Save this file to desktop (or another location)
  2. In Outlook, open the Calendar
  3. Select File Menu
  4. Select “Import and Export”
  5. Select “Import from another file or program”
  6. Select “Comma Separated Values (Windows)”
  7. Select the file from where you saved it
  8. Select which folder to import to (most likely “Calendar”)

After following these directions exactly, my calendar would not import into outlook so here is what I did to fix the problem. Either re-download the csv file, or rename it. Make sure the extension is in all CAPS and reads “NYISchedule0809.CSV” (no quotes).

Once I did this and re-imported I had no problems importing.

One thing that the team plans to do, is update the calendar throughout the season – but given the problem that I had and a duplicate entry problem that Murph brings up in the comments section, I don’t know if that is such a novel idea.

One other thing that Murph mentions, if you do not use Outlook as your default calander and use iCalendar or Google’s calendar check out Yahoo’s Islanders Calendar!

For those of you out there with an iPhone and whom use Outlook and Mobile Me with PUSH data – I can verify that this works with that setup. I made sure Mobile Me had a fresh Sync and within seconds my calendar was on my device.