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Islesblogger's 1 Year Birthday! It was exactly one year ago today, when I decided to try my luck here in the blogosphere and re-submit my application to the Islanders Blog Box. Time certainly does fly when you are having fun!

During the past year I have experienced what seems like a life time of great things and made a ton of what I consider very good friends. The Blog Box has given me an opportunity I never really thought I would have and for that I am genuinely grateful.

If I could pick a favorite moment out of everything over the past year, I do not really think I could. Between doing things like the Open House two weeks ago or even going up to the draft in Ottawa back in June – could anyone? I would just like to take a minute to thank everyone out there who regularly reads the site, links back to my content and mentions my blog – without all of you, this would be pretty pointless. It’s nice to have an audience when you are speaking about something you enjoy! Most importantly, I would like to thank the New York Islanders, for without this opportunity, I would certainly not have the reach I would.

Here are a few stats from the last 365 days!

Posts: 309
Comments: 408
Tags: 529
Unique Visits: 26,166
Total Visits: 73,212
Pages: 728,331
Hits: 1,382,259
Google Page Rank: 4

During the coming months, I really want to continue to focus on doing things nobody else is really doing. I have a bunch of ideas on stories and angles that interest me and that I fee would be an interesting read. It’s becoming more and more important as a blogger to have a close border to that of a journalist, because the content gets diluted and the readers a bit bored. I am also about to invest some serious money in some new camera lenses so I can get some great game shots. I have a bunch of photos I am yet to upload because I have not had the time to sift through them just yet, so look for that shortly.

I am open for suggestions, if anyone has any ideas of what they would like me to chase down – do not hesitate to contact me!

Thanks again for such a great year!