TSN’s Dreger Says Isles Sundin Darkhorse

I know, I know.

Never, no chance, he will never choose Long Island and it goes against everything we have been told in “The Plan”.

Dreger is credible however and Eklund made mention of this weeks ago. If times were different, say two years ago – I would certainly hope for a shot at Sundin.

Check it out on TSN

Michael Schuerlein


  1. 1) Have to agree that this rumor makes zero sense for all involved. Sundin in our opinion is unlikely to play anywhere but in Canada, and certainly not to a US based team that is in a ‘rebuilding’ mode
    2) The Isles would unlikely spend big bucks on a 37 yr old for 1 season, displacing a roster spot/quality ice time from a younger developing player
    3) Its late August. very little real hockey news so some are forced to create their own. Of course Eklund makes up stuff year round. ; )

  2. How bizarre. I don’t expect that Sundin would even for a moment be interested, but I could buy the article’s assertion that Snow has been "persistent" about keeping the Isles in the mix.

    If anything, it’s easy PR just to be "in the mix" ("Look fans, we tried to add a star.") Plus, considering the whole youth thing along with Sundin’s apparent one- or two-year countdown to retirement, they might covet him as a veteran stopgap to mentor the youngsters (just like Weight) and put butts in the seats. Can’t see his salary paying for itself, though.

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