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  1. how can you possibly change one of the best logos in the history of sports? it incorporates, NY, a hockey stick and LONG ISLE!! since they play in nassau, they even have nassau colors

    oh wait, wang changes everything, all the time, coz he HAS NO CLUE HOW TO RUN A SPORTS TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sell the team you deadbeat software developer, stick to algorithms and GUI related stuff.

    thank you for listening to my rant, as i will continue to do so until he sells the team

  2. Great, great post. The logo is perfect because of Long Island in the background. As someone who is living on the West Coast (hoping desperately to move back in a few years), I have a lot of pride in being from Long Island.

    Long Islanders do have a complex because many New Yorkers don’t consider Long Island to be a part of New York. Talking to those on the West Coast, people are very surprised that the island is over 100 miles long and scoff when I talk about how the wineries on the east end are up and coming.

    So Long Island is always having to stick up for itself and that instills a lot of pride in being from there.

  3. 1) Only a person ignorant of the Island would make an assertion that the island silhouette should be removed from the logo. Its what differentiates the team from the folks to their West. Sometimes change for the sake of change makes things worse. Are you listening Mr Obama? ; )

  4. Just to continue the conversation, the poster over on The Bleacher Report claims it looks like “an orange turd” and that the Isles would be better represented by a City skyline.

    Fortunately, someone from Long Island pointed out that Long Island has nothing to do with Manhattan.

  5. Obviously I’m a devils fan. But I do have a soft spot for the Isles. The jersey change made me feel like the Islanders were going down the drain..it was awful. My friend loved the change but I never understood why a fisherman would hold a hockey stick and play hockey on the ocean. It was refreshing to see the logo back.

  6. I grew up an Islanders fan, became a season ticket holder when i was able to afford it, and have seen Mr. C Wang move my beloved team to Brooklyn. They will be leaving shortly and I feel like I have been through a divorce, what a mistake he is making….Sell the team to someone who wants to bring them back you idiot! My humble opinion!

  7. The logo was also changed in 2007 when they added a fourth stripe to the shaft close to the heel to represent the four Stanley Cup wins.

  8. Remembering Jacob Strongin, who created the NY Islanders logo:

    My dad, Jacob Strongin a graphic designer, often freelanced from our Syosset, L.I. home. He had his studio in the basement, and it was there that he did his work. I remember that he spent about a week in 1972 creating a logo for a new hockey team, the New York Islanders, that would be playing at the recently completed Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Uniondale. I was 13 at the time, and watched as the logo evolved from a series of magic marker renderings to the final design which he did with professional tempera paint. Eight years later in 1980, Dad was struggling with bone cancer. Nevertheless, he was proud as he watched the Islanders—who were wearing the logo he had created—win their first Stanley Cup championship. https://www.facebook.com/nyislanderslogodesigner/

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