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I’ve been pretty busy as of late, I have been wanting to post some updates on the latest developments from the past week.

Thankfully, some of my esteemed fellow Blog Boxers are on the job keeping everyone out there in Islanders Nation informed.

First on the list, congratulations to Steve Mears and Chris King! The Islanders announced a new radio deal with The Long Island Radio Network, no longer will games be broadcast on Bloomberg – a seemingly low power AM station for anyone East of Manhattan. I don’t know how many times over the past two seasons where I would be driving and I would get static only to hear Mears deliver his “SCORES!” line.

Ken Rosenblat of Islanders Outsider has a great post on this very subject, although he points out the defficiencies of the pair of stations pegged for radio broadcasts. It seems if I had a problem with Bloomberg on the Island, everyone outside of Long Island will have a problem with signal of these stations. Good for me, bad for the fans elsewhere in New York. Ken also posted a chart of the coverage area and goes into details of the Islanders web/radio/satellite combination. Now that XM and Sirius have merged, there is a wider satellite audience. I know once I can listen to the NHL on Sirius I will definately change my subscription package.

The Islanders also announced that Gerard Gallant is no longer an Assistant coach. His new position is Assistant to the GM. One of Gallant’s quotes in the press release was the ability to remain closer to his family, which is understandable when you travel all year. This does open up a spot for a new assistant to the new head coach – Scott Gordon.

As always Dee Karl is on the scene, giving her unique perspective on this curious move. Timing is eveything they say, which for those not paying attention is one week before camp starts.

Last in this long list of updates, veteran forward Mike Sillinger will NOT be ready for camp in Moncton and will likely miss some games at the start of the season. Sillinger underwent hip surgery towards the end of last season and missed 19 games. He stated in an interview with Newsday’s Greg Logan that he experienced a setback with the hip joint not creating lubricant naturally and that he needed a shot to jump start the lubrication process.

The big question is obvious, will Sillinger be able to return in top health or will his age prevent him from getting back to 100%? Will this setback also diminish his trade value come February and who will earn a chance in his absence? Ben Walter or 2008 first round choice Josh Bailey?

The increasing coverage and updates certainly makes it feel like hockey is fast approaching. The air is crisp at night and the days have cooled significantly, how exciting!

Michael Schuerlein

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  1. And yet.. just not quite fast enough Mike! But the plane leaves Friday! And then we’ll only have ITV for updates… and maybe an occassional email from someone’s blackberry!

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