Moving Time!

Good evening everyone!

I know what you must be thinking, where have you been with everything going on at training camp? Good question…..allow me to explain.

Going back to July, I was informed by my friend that we would be moving servers and that this was a necessary move. I delayed this as LONG as humanly possible because of the amount of work it entailed. As you can see from looking around the place, not much has changed.

Some of the things you may notice…..

The gallery is temporarily gone, I have been toying with that on and off since Friday but the import just isn’t working the way it is supposed to. I will keep everyone updated, I should get around to adding the rest of the pictures from last season while I am at it.

All permalinks SHOULD still point to their posts. I did a quick search on Google and the older stuff still points here, there and everywhere.

Email should be back up and running soon, if it isn’t already. It takes some time for the DNS to propagate and point things to their proper locations.

I did not loose any posts or comments, I imported all the subscriptions to the older posts (I think….) as well as some of the other database stuff (like most popular posts for instance). Some of the pictures in the older posts will need to be fixed, because they aren’t in the gallery yet.

Looking around there are some images that aren’t playing nice tonight, but I will fix those too.

As far as some new content, now that I have the site on the new “box” (because it’s not really a box anymore but a cloud or cluster of servers (think BOXES!)), I don’t have to import any NEW posts from a different site…..

Enough mumbo jumbo technology talk, I have a lot of catching up to do and I apologize.

Michael Schuerlein

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