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Hockey is back baby and so is my gallery!

It took me countless hours to work out all the stupid errors, hopefully I never have to move to a new server – but at least next time I know a bit more about what to expect. If you go check it out, it should be working 100% and will have more photos by tomorrow night.

Mike over at Islanders 360 touched on the weather in his most recent post and I noticed the same thing when I went out to my van first thing this morning – the chill in the air. It was 52 degrees to be exact, perfect temperature to be working outside – something I do daily. It means that I don’t have to sweat ALL day, the busy season is over and that hockey is right around the corner.

Starting things off on the hockey beat, Greg Logan was doing all sorts of updates today. He had a few blog entries from camp, a live chat answering any question thrown at him and then a semi-live blog during the exhibition game against the Bruins. Busy guy that Greg Logan. Check out his blog and all of the entries over at Newsday’s site. If you are interested in the live chat recap post specifically, you can find that here.

Logan points out that he is getting similar reactions from all the veterans regarding head coach Scott Gordon – they buy into his style of coaching. While everyone is concentrating on what “overspeed” doesn’t mean – I will give you my opinion, as a hockey player.

Overspeed to me does two things, it makes your opponent make THE CORRECT split second decision and it enables you to take your game to a different level. The misconception is that the style makes slow players fast, but in reality it allows those players to make the right decisions in the little time they have. Here is a brief example:

Comrie skates up the boards and while in full stride receives an outlet pass from Campoli, Comrie continues up the wing and gains the zone – all the while his wingers and the defensemen join the rush. A quick pass here, players zipping left and right – where does the opposition go to play defense? Quick passes, quick skating, quick shots, bodies in front and constant high speed motion – these things cause turmoil and most importantly it’s tough to defend against. Greg points out the difference in shots tonight in the Bruins game – it was almost 2:1 (38-19), a game the Islanders won 2-1 in overtime, all due to overspeed.

I know I love what I am starting to see out of Gordon, just watch him yelling and pointing on iTV and you will see the glaring differences between him and Ted Nolan.

Keep an eye on Campoli, apparently he was injured during the game and those following shouldn’t need to be reminded about his recent shoulder woes.


Instead of taking up space in a second and third post I just wanted to address a few things.

First, Jim McGlynn of Greetings from Islanders Country has decided to step down from the Blog Box. Earlier this summer, Jon Jordan (now a full time Tampa Blogger for Hockeybuzz) decided he too needed to step down. I just wanted to take a second to wish them all the best in their future!

Secondly, tomorrow (or today by the time most of you read this) is the debut of Chris Botta’s new blog – Islanders Point Blank, be sure to check out Botta’s latest digs.

I have saved the best of last!

Every year since my mom passed away in 2003 – my Aunt has held a fundraiser at her hair salon Special Effects in East Hampton, NY in her honor. She sells raffle tickets leading up to and during the day of the event for prizes (proceeds going to the charity Breast Cancer Help) and also donates whatever intake from the salon as well. Last year, they managed to raise over $30,000 and the total grows every year they do it.

This year, the Islanders have stepped up to the plate and have made a donation! While I don’t exactly know the details just yet – I am blown away by their support. I cannot thank them enough!

For those interested out in Suffolk, here are the details:

Host: Elaine Hayes & Special Effects Hair Salon Staff
Start Time: Sunday, October 12 at 9:00am
End Time: Sunday, October 12 at 5:00pm
Where: Special Effects Hair Salon East Hampton, NY

Special Effects Hair Salon
1 Osborne Lane
East Hampton, NY 11937

Michael Schuerlein

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