Islanders Kicking Gaborik’s Tires?

Now you know by now, take whatever “he who will not be named” says with LESS than a grain of salt – but Gaborik is apparently on the trading block. Even though it is really early in the season – Gaborik is in the final year of his deal with the Wild and is looking for a HUGE payday, some claim max value.

Gaborik is the scoring forward the Islanders sorely lack, no doubt – but what could the Isles give up in return?Would they even be able to retain him after the trade? Surely it would have to be a sign and trade type deal and not include Bailey/Okposo or too many first rounders otherwise the fans will head to the Coliseum with pitchforks and mayhem in mind.

Gaborik is an oft injured player, but he is still young and looking to leave the defensive system in Minny for greener pastures. He would instantly become the top scorer on the Isles and fit in well with Gordon’s high tempo systems. This is going to be Intersting as to how it plays out, even if it lasts until the trade deadline.

I know I would love to see Gaborik in an isles uniform! How about you?


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