New Goal Song, Listen Here!

I posted news the other day about the new goal song. The reactions in the comment section were less that positive. I know, we are a sensitive bunch and as sports fans – creatures of habit. Unfortunately, a bunch of fellow fans forced the team to change the song due to certain “additions” to the existing Gary Glitter version.

I’ll be honest, the new song wasn’t horrible during the home opener – but it left me confused because it was new. The version they played yesterday was shorter, I used my trusty voice recorder to capture the new song. Listen to the mp3 yourself!

As you can hear, they still have the “hey’s” and the “Wooooooo’s” – the only thing missing from this version compared to what we heard on Saturday is a few verses of “Let’s go Islanders”.

Most importantly, the goal horn is still very much the same – overall it’s not the worst change in the world.

Michael Schuerlein

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