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One of the most popular posts on my blog the past few weeks has been on the new Islanders 3rd jerseys. Sites like and even ESPN have been linking here after finding my post. Well, the speculation surrounding the jersey is about to come to a close – as the Islanders will reveal the new FULL uniform design on October 27th and wear them during the game on November 1st. Unfortunately, I will not be here for the game – as I leave for San Diego that morning (bummer).

When I say full uniform design, I mean everything from the helmet color, gloves, pants and even socks! Here is the information from the Islanders official release this afternoon:

You might have noticed that in the top right-hand corner of, there is a clock counting down to 7 p.m. on Saturday, November 1. On that night, when the Islanders take the ice against the Montreal Canadiens, they will have an entirely new look—donning a brand new “Third Jersey.” But the Isles will be wearing more than just a new jersey. For the first time since 1996, the Islanders will skate in a game wearing a completely new uniform—including a new jersey, pants, helmet, gloves, and socks. The game is being presented by Modell’s.

The new uniform—which will be officially unveiled on October 27—will serve as an alternative to the ones the Islanders wear at home, and will be worn 15 times during the 2008-09 season.

“Looking back at the Islanders uniform history, I noticed that there had been no change in the total Islander player uniform since 1996 and seized the opportunity to bring our fans a great new look,” said Terry Goldstein, the Islanders Director of Retail Operations. “During the past 15 months, I have worked very closely with our Head Equipment Manager Scott Boggs to engineer the change in the player equipment to coordinate with the new uniform.”

In addition, the Islanders will introduce a special edition of the game puck which will only be used when the players wear the new uniform.

This marks the eighth time since the Islanders entered the league in 1972 that the team has made a significant change to their jersey or complete uniform. The last time the Islanders played in a “Third Jersey” was in 2006-07 when the team donned an orange jersey for a number of home games.

A little insider told me today that we will not be disappointed in what will be revealed to us in two weeks. Hopefully it is not a mix of what was in the photos I posted and the new Edge jerseys. I can’t wait to see them and you will most likely find me at the press conference that afternoon with camera in hand!