Live Blog: Rangers at Islanders

Well I just went through a nightmare trying to upload those pics, but now I am live blogging!

Live Tracker

First Period

Late start here Drury gave the Rangers a lead – and the Isles have had two power plays. Yann Dennis is backing up MacDonald and Brett Skinner is dressed for FMIV.

7:23pm Islanders penalty – jury is out on the call, we all thought it was clean
7:26pm Rangers with good puck movement, their fans hate when they don’t shoot as much as we hate when the Isles dont
7:27pm MacDonald with a great point blank stop!
7:29pm Isles are 0/2 and the Rangers 0/1 on the power play
7:32pm MacDonald with a nice save off a tip in close to the net.
7:33pm Bad hand pass call, Doug says “bad call by a really good official”
7:42pm Final minute
7:43pm Rangers have blocked almost every single shot this period it seems, everything is from WAYYYY outside
7:43pm That was good luck – Okposo SCORES!!!

Wow, as soon as I said that the Islanders couldn’t get shots through Kyle Okposo knocks home a rebound to tie the game late in the period. Overall, due to crazy internet connections here I had a heck of a time posting images – I couldn’t even get them into my gallery. I will post higher resolutions either tonight or tomorrow after work.

I thought the Rangers completely outplayed the Isles – no question. They were walking into the zone, setting up and shooting with reckless abandon. If the Islanders want to win, they need to keep pressure on and do the small things that make them successful against quicker, more skilled teams. The game is tied, it’s a whole new ball hockey game!

Second Period

Everyone is back on the ice, I am multitasking doing a live blog on Hockeybuzz with B.D and his brother Scott.

8:02pm And we are under way
8:05pm Feels like a tennis match with all the back forth play.
8:06pm Deflection in front of the Rangers cage, it wound up almost in the 300’s
8:08pm Chris Drury is likely loving his visor – just stopped a puck
8:08pm With words of “refs letting things go huh”, the Hillen gets called for hooking
8:10pm Big MacDonald stop and a clear
8:11pm 5-on-3 for the Rangers – Renney calls a time out
8:12pm Nice stop down low in front by the Mac
8:13pm Puck goes out of play, draw is outside. That is huge
8:13pm Islanders kill off the Hillen penalty. 1:13 remain in Park’s
8:15pm Penalty is – over
8:18pm Some rough stuff behind Lundqvist – no penalties apparently
8:21pm Great defensive play in the Isles end, leads to a great scoring chance – now we have a power play
8:24pm Streit with a cannon, flew out of the zone
8:25pm Okposo with a great play, just missed. He got taken down in front hardcore
8:27pm Even up, great power play for the Isles 0/3
8:28pm Hilbert was all alone in on Lundy, oh the humanity – Thompson and Voros throw down
8:29pm Thompson the clear cut victor – Doug and I saw Voros hit HIMSELF in the face
8:34pm Mac comes up huge – Again! Chants of JOEY, JOEY!
8:34pm Almost like magic, I eat my words. Rebound – Rangers score 2-1
8:40pm Final Minute

That period was better, but Joey Mac proved fallible as a rebound was able to be snuck past for the lead. It’s all even so far – save for the score. I felt that Okposo had the best game of his career tonight, he was all over. Tambellini also looks better tonight than he has in any game during the past season and a half. They really kept the pressure on the Rangers – it should be just as exciting of a third period.

Third Period

The Isles come out to boos from the Rangers and to Twisted Sister’s “We’re not gonna take it”! Talk about a statement.

8:58pm And back to action!
9:00pm Delayed penalty! Islanders to the power play!
9:01pm Guerin just evened it up – hooking says Doug (and everyone else)
9:02pm This would be the third consecutive game that THE CAPTAIN takes a dumb penalty…..
9:06pm Isles kill, Bergy takes a slash – Isles power play. Bah, they gave Bergy one too
9:08pm MacDonald just got his helmet taken off….ouch. And he’s OK. Maybe it’s an upper body injury.
9:10pm 3-1 Rangers – Seems Botta’s 5-2 prediction is coming true, again
9:16pm MacDonald with an interesting behind the head glove save off of a strange redirection.
9:20pm High stick by the Islanders – could be a double minor
9:21pm Bergy 4 minute high stick, Weight 2 for high sticking
9:22pm Power play goal Rangers – missed call lead to it as there was a hold along the far side boards. 4-1 Rangers
9:29pm Guerin sticking up for one of his boys – there was a possible hit from behind
9:30pm Big fight behind us in the box – some old man just threw down – interesting.
9:33pm Blah blah, some penalties to Voros and Guerin. Chants of you cant beat us – we’ll see.
9:34pm Our offenseman defenseman Streit – from Weight. Hey that rhymes
9:36pm Okposo dangled, Mac to the bench. Game over….good night Gracie

Michael Schuerlein


  1. Nice third-jersey pics, Mike! I’m not a fan of the gap in the stripe on the back of the legs (small quibble), but otherwise I like ’em.

    Nice to get that late goal — and Okposo on the board. Hope the 2nd is better.

  2. Great job of multi-tasking. Mike was in my Hockeybuzz Sibling Rivalry chat, here, swilling beer in the blog box, and playing a ukulele

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