Isles Visit Philly, But Not For Baseball

I once read a post about someone who frequents blogs saying they didn’t want to hear about what was going on in that bloggers life should they happen to take a short break from the action. They would prefer the blogger just come back and not make a big deal of being busy, blog when you can. Part of me wants to ignore being busy and just pick up where I left off, the other – well I feel you are all friends and should know that my job often gets in the way.

When it’s not work, it’s related to work – my neighbors always seem to have problems with their air conditioning or heat – so I get roped into having a beer while I fix the problem. Not really a big deal, but they don’t know I have a pre-game post to type out!

Before I get started – I just wanted everyone to know that I will not be around from November 1st until late in the evening on the 8th. Unfortunately, I will be missing several home games and a pair of away games I beleive. Why you ask?

My other blogging hobby brings me to fabulous Las Vegas once a year for the “Superbowl” of all automotive trade shows. I will be there covering the show and hopefully making lots of contacts for our new venture – Motorz TV. Normally, we would just go to cover the show for our pair of blogs Truckblog and Muscle Car Blog – but this year it should be interesting given how popular out video pod casts have become. I will have my laptop, an internet connection and my Slingbox, so it isn’t like I will be without Islanders hockey completely. I just cannot guarantee that I will be able to blog in any detail. One positive, I can totally watch the games in the Sports Book too if I so choose!

In discussing the trip with my cohorts in the Blog Box, BD Gallof whipped up a quick photoshop (something he is known for) based on my trip:

Oceans Mike

Islanders take in Philladelphia

Imagine what the Islanders were thinking today being in Philly the day after their baseball team wins the World Series. The town has to be abuzz and the excitement overwhelming to those fans. I can’t imagine that it won’t carry over tonight into the Flyers game – how could it not, it’s even made it to the Flyers home page!

The Islanders are coming into tonight’s game with a record that doesn’t feature many positives. Philly is just starting to heat up – having one their last three contests in a row. The Broad Street Bullies are still very much living up to their name, brusing their way to victory more often than not. Maybe it’s no coincidence then that Isles forward Jeff Tambellini was scratched in favor of enforcer Mitch Fritz. However, that isn’t even the biggest story of the night – defenseman Andy Sutton returns to the lineup from hand surgery – he should help with his size back in front of the net down low for MacDonald. He is also a veteran presence – which is huge with Witt and Martinek down.

The Islanders are coming off one of their more complete games this season. Much like they did against the Hurricanes last weekend – they were able to control the puck as well as long stretches of the game when they stayed at even strength. When they were on the power play, they had some great chances and were oh so close to capitalizing on them. The Islanders need to stick to their game tonight, skate like they did for 40 minutes on Monday and stay the heck out of the penalty box tonight. If they work hard they will be rewarded.

Philly is missing some key players also – Briere up front and FOUR defensemen (sound familiar?) in Hatcher, Parent, Jones and Powe. The Flyers list Briere with having a torn muscle (out 3-4 weeks) and the rest as “out indefinitely” or “day-to-day” – sound familiar?

Game is about to start – move on over to the LIVE BLOG!

Michael Schuerlein


  1. Heh, no apology necessary Mike at least not to this reader (and guilty blogger). I can see how the fix leads to a beer with the neighbor, etc.

    Have fun in Vegas! I wish I could tell ya’ we’d be at .500 when you get back.

  2. Thanks Dom!

    My neighbor needed some help with his boiler, had to do some wiring as he changed some stuff around.

    Vegas will be fun, I cannot wait to not have to work – well for at least a week!

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