Live Blog: Islanders at Flyers

Getting set up here, waiting for the drop of the puck! Stay tunes throughout the game for updates and to the live tracker below!

Live Tracker

First Period

7:14pm Lots of two way action, some good chances early for the Flyers – including a post
7:16pm Comrie just tried to center a pass through traffic – it was the same play Weight just tried. I don’t completely understand what they were trying, but it did not work either time.
7:18pm Drive from the point and MacDonald makes another stop.
7:21pm I walk away for two minutes and the Flyers make it 1-0. Yet another first period goal against
7:23pm Sutton tussles with Hartnell – Joey Mac looks hurt on the play
7:24pm Each get minor penalties – Mac looks ok.
7:25pm Upshall just got called for Hooking – Islanders power play – 4 on 3
7:27pm Guerin with a huge shot and it is all tied up. PP Goal!
7:31pm Islanders short handed here – lets hope they get a good kill.
7:36pm Carter redirects it past MacDonald – 2-1 Philly
7:38pm Okposo broke into the zone, passed off to Hunter who went very strong to the net and Biron made an amazing stop. So close.
7:43pm MacDonald forced to make a stop late in the period – under a minute remaining.

And the period is over.

Faceoffs, as Jaffe is talking about are becoming somewhat of an issue for the Islanders (and me in particular as a center). These little key battles of the game are increasingly becoming a story – because without Mike Sillinger healthy, the team isn’t winning many key draws. The other night I decided to watch Weight for the course of a game and I noticed he is very, very weak in the circle. He was something like 31% on the night – which is horrendous. The more offensive zone draws you win, the more scoring chances – especially on the man advantage. Same holds true for the power play, win a face off – fire it out of the zone.

Having so many young defensemen, the Islanders are often behind the play going back into the zone – it’s not completely the fault of the d-men however, because they aren’t back checking very hard.

They are not doing horrible tonight, but they are definitely in need of some improvement.

Second Period

8:02pm Second period underway
8:08pm Fritz called for holding, Islanders short handed once again.
8:18pm Got side tracked a bit, Islanders doing a horrible job in their own end and are trying to look for the perfect pass in the offensive zone.
8:19pm Thompson with a glorious chance in front, Isles win a faceoff clean and Biron makes the stop
8:23pm Hunter gets called for roughing – should have been penalties to both players.
8:25pm MacDonald took one off the mask – again
8:26pm Flyers are now 0/3 with a man advantage
8:33pm Thompson with several great chances, Park and Bergenheim.
8:34pm Islanders pressuring Philly to the point they took two consecutive icings
8:35pm Guerin is having a great game, he had another good scoring chance.
8:37pm Bergenheim powers into the zone and forces my roller hockey buddy Aaron Asham to take a holding penalty. Isles power play

Period is over – Islanders had a few chances there on the power play, they had a nice passing play end with Nielsen hitting the side of the net. Faceoffs have improved, any coincidence that the scoring chances and shots have increased?

Isles should be able to sneak back into the game should they keep this pressure on in the third frame.

Third Period

8:57pm Campoli just got clipped with his own teammates stick – FRIENDLY FIRE
8:59pm Okposo with a nifty pass in front – Flyers clear and ice the puck
9:00pm Hilbert to Park – Biron with a glove save
9:02pm Flyers ice the puck again, they need to win this face off and keep the pressure on
9:10pm Isles dodged a bullet – two on one and the puck jumped over Richards stick
9:15pm Pock with a great chance there, but the Isles are taking too many outside shots
9:16pm Biron just robbed Nielsen in front – what a save
9:19pm Hilbert scores! Tied 2-2 Hilbert controlled the puck behind the net, brought it around and missed on a pass – regained control and banked it in off a Philly defender past Biron.
9:29pm Isles continue to keep the pressure on in the offensive zone.
9:30pm This is the part of a tied game that drives me crazy, Flyers in deep and now there may be a defensive zone draw.
9:31pm Broken glass – stoppage of play. Anyone else notice the Islanders think they are playing lacrosse? They always seem to try knock the puck down with their stick when it’s clearly too high or out of reach.

Wow – the Islanders have gained a point in the standings! [/sarcasm]

It seems that the Islanders are destined to finish this game how they have been playing the last period and a half – strong. Lots of puck support, hard work along the corners, a great breakout and forecheck. This just in – Islanders will begin overtime on the power play!

Let’s do this boys!


9:39pm Nice puck movement, Hunter providing a screen and Biron makes a save.
9:41pm Weight to Guerin and he couldn’t finish.
9:44pm Isles force the Flyers offsides, looking good
9:45pm Isles go down a man, as Nielsen got called for hooking, Flyers take a timeout
9:47pm Of course, the Flyers score and it’s game over.

Well, it would’ve been nice to see them get to the shootout – but what can ya do. Two things in overtime that stick out: Hunter hitting the side of an open net, and Thompson not being able to clear in overtime. Had any of those two things gone the other way, game over Islanders – or at least 10 minutes of a shootout.

There is always Saturday, not much more I could say tonight – talk to you from the West Coast on Saturday.

Michael Schuerlein

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