60 Minutes, Crosby & CO and FMIV Returns

One great thing about blogging, if you can’t think of a witty title for your post – pick a bunch of your main ideas or points and let it fly!

60 Minutes

No, not the TV show – we are talking a full 60 minutes of hockey. The Islanders squeaked by Montreal and got out of dodge with two points all without playing a full sixty. They cannot get away with stuff like that tonight against the Penguins. The Pens are sitting in fourth in the East with a record of 12-5-3, should the Islanders win tonight – it would bring their record to 9-9-2 – .500 for the first time all year (much to the surprise and angst of every analyst).

What the team needs to do (say it with me now), establish their forecheck, skate skate and skate some more, play gritty disciplined hockey, shutdown Crosby, Malkin and Satan, support Joey MacDonald and allow him to see shots and for Pete’s sake (Who is Pete anyway?) – take the biscuit to the basket! Not all impossible tasks, but they need to stay focused and knock off each of these tasks to succeed.

Freddy Meyer IV

Well what do you know, the Islanders revolving door has just swung inwards instead of outwards. Defenseman Freddy Meyer who went down with a sports hernia is ready to make his way back to the lineup for tonight’s matchup. Word from Greg Logan is that he will be paired with Campoli, Pock fresh off his five game suspension and Bruno Gervais will be the odd men out (aka – healthy scratches).

Coming Tomorrow

Coming tomorrow, (I don’t think I have ever done a “tomorrow” announcement before) but I will be posting a story I have been working on the past several days taking a look at Josh Bailey and why I feel the Islanders should keep him up with the team instead of returning him to juniors. Stay Tuned

As an added bonus I spent last night working on a nifty statistic table system so I can post stats at will without much hand coding!

Game Tracker

Michael Schuerlein

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  1. Another blown third-period lead….4 unanswered goals.

    This is, without a doubt, the best 40-minute team in hockey and the worst 3rd-period team in hockey.

    Unbelievably frustrating. Now it seems to be a mental problem. This team is going to go into every third period afraid to lose rather than being confident to win.

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