Yes Islanders Presents: 2008 Best Blog Awards

Johnny Z, a true blue and orange fan if I ever did see meet one – setup a site called Yes! Islanders over the summer. Yes Islanders is his Islanders blog and Islanders Community website – but with a twist. Yes Islanders is an RSS aggregator – meaning it pulls the latest updates from various blogs and links back to those individual websites via their RSS feeds. It helps drive traffic throughout the blogging community in a sense.

A few weeks ago I had gotten an email about the 2008 Best Blog Awards. Here is your chance to vote on your favorite New York Islanders Blog! Voting goes from today up until the end of the month and a winner will be announced on New Years Day (January 1st). The winner will receive a banner to display on their website as well as a pair of tickets to an Islanders game.

There is only one catch (Hey, this IS New York…), you need to sign up – but it’s free, easy and only takes a minute!

The voting implemented is a positive Digg style voting mechanism (no minuses “-” or “bury”), which allows all visitors to vote for all their favorite New York Islanders blogs. Every visitor can contribute one vote per blog for as many NYI blogs as they like. The blog that gets the most votes is declared “The best blog”.

This system of voting isn’t perfect and it is subjected to some biases, and yet – we’re only doing this for fun and the promotion of the New York Islanders blogosphere. We trust that our fellow bloggers will do what they can to play fair.

Best New York Islander Blog Awards notes

* Blog Awards are great for promoting link-love between the NYI blogs. If you write a blog and you like a certain blog then link to it asking your readers to vote for it. Link-love between the NYI blogs helps promote the whole NYI blogosphere and NYI related content on the web.
* This is the first time Yes! Islanders is running the Best New York Islander Blog Awards. Any suggestions, comments or ideas are very welcome.
* Voting starts on December 1st and end on December 31st. The winner will be announced on January 1st New Years Day. You cannot vote for any blogs before or after these dates.
* There are two professinal blogs out there, Greg Logan’s “On The Islanders Beat” writing for Newsday, and Chris Botta’s “Islanders Point Blank”. Because they are paid and also have access to priveleged scoops, they will be counted in a seperate category so there will be two awards, one being “Best Professional NYI Blog” and the other being “Best NYI Blog”.
* After further contemplation, there will be only one blog award and the “professional” blogs will be excluded from voting.
* Please help suport the awards so we can get a great turnout and bring more attention to the Islanders and NYI blogging.
* Winners will get a banner displaying their victory for their site! Sorry I can’t afford more than that, maybe next year though. Donations are welcome to give to the winner(s). Contact me if you want to be involved. Also, the New York Islanders have graciously donated two tickets to any non Ranger game this season to the winner of the 2008 NYI Blog Awards.
* You can vote on any of the blogs listed.

Michael Schuerlein


  1. Just placed my vote for you and Hockey Night on Long Island. Best of luck. Will Thursday get here already?!?!

  2. Thank you very much IslesFanInCA!

    Yes, I can’t wait until Thursday either – Atlanta will be a good game. Hopefully we come out of D.C. with two points – but the Caps are so hard to figure out lately.

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