Capitals Visit Long Island

Well – here we are, a mere nine shopping days away from Christmas Day and I have yet to even begin shopping. I am sure many of you are in the same boat as I am, including not knowing where to even start or what to get anyone. It seems I go through this every year – yes, I am a bit of a procrastinator when it comes to gift giving.

Tonight the Islanders look to salvage what has become somewhat of a losing month in December. The team went 0-4 on their road trip and overall in the month they are a frightening 0-6 with only one win coming during their final game of November (yes, the total is 1-6 in their last 7 games). Digging even deeper, the Islanders are 2-8 in their last 10 games. Obviously, the importance of a win tonight is imperative in improving their December record – especially going back out on the road for an abbreviated trip.

I was all set to live blog with the rest of the crew tonight, but unfortunately I had forgotten it was my company’s Christmas party. I was going to stop by there for an hour – but my Father pretty much told me he would rather I stay and skip the game (I work for my Dad’s business). The Blog Box crew is doing something different tonight, they are hosting a live chat during the game – you can check it out on a bunch of different websites such as Doug Davison’s Official Isles Outlook or Tom Liodice’s The Tiger Track.

I will be spectating from the sidelines sadly, which – oddly enough won’t be in front of a television or a computer, but via my own website and the Live Tracker!

I shouldn’t have to stress the same things game after game – but the Islanders need to come out strong, stay out of the box and stick to the system. I hate having to talk about the “system” as much as anyone else – as it is becoming somewhat of a taboo to speak about. The team played the Capitals pretty good for some stretches of their last matchup earlier in the month, hopefully they can make something happen against a healthier Capitals team tonight.

Hopefully Bailey won’t notch his first tonight, it would be my luck to miss it after waiting for it all these games (Sorry Josh – I am selfish!).

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  1. Thanks Dominik!

    It was fun as always, we are a bunch of mechanics so it’s generally a bunch of drinking and eating (which it was). What’s even better is I didn’t drive so I got to enjoy myself a little more than usual!

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