The “New” Faces of The Franchise

For a long while, 2000 1st Round first overall draft pick Rick DiPietro has been the face of the Islanders franchise, but having two high first round draft picks in three years – the new faces of the franchise are forwards Josh Bailey and Kyle Okposo.

With youth and youthful exuberance they graciously dive head first into anything the organization asks of them. I have to say, it is definately fun to have so much youth in the organization.

In case you missed it, check out the latest Islanders TV clip (commercial) featuring the duo talking about the free Spring Hockey program the Islanders are running in which they give out FREE hockey equipment!!

Good on ya boys!

Michael Schuerlein


  1. Finally got back to a connection where I could watch this. That is cool (and frankly that program sounds like a good deal!)

    I like the amount of youth outreach the Isles are doing. Get a new generation of fans hooked on guys like Bailey and Okposo, who will hopefully be around a long time.

  2. nowhere near malkin and crosby, and even if they achieve that, they will be gone with islanders being like the kc royals of hockey. the 80s was a long time ago and free agents don’t want to come here, not that we would sign them anyway. our guys are a bunch of china dolls that get hurt at the drop of a hat, there’s no punch in these guys. they are the dallas cowgirls of hockey, always taking the month of december off. its going to be longer than the rangers waited before we win again. i just hope its not 86 years like the boston redsucks. at least the players that got boston off the snide in 04 were revered as gods in boston. it would be nice if some of these players would do the same for the isles.

    • Not saying they are anywhere close, players like them don’t come around often.

      This is going to be a long bumpy road, we need to restock the farm team and trade for a player every now and then in order to be successful. The player I am most excited about right now prospect wise is Petrov. He is of the Ovechkin and Malkin mold in terms of his smarts, skill and size – he can do it all. Without him playing next to him, Filatov wouldn’t have had the points he did. Hopefully Snow can get him over here sooner rather than later.

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