DiPietro’s “Injury”

So those of you watching the game in Buffalo may have overheard Howie and Billy speak about DiPietro’s groin tweak. It was a surprise to just about everyone, except one sharp eyed blogger – me.

It’s true that Danis could only be recalled if it was an emergency. It is also true that the injury could be a ruse, at least that is the hope.

Something I noticed from the Blog Box last night, during DP’s and Campoli’s jumping chest bump – high five, DP did look like he landed awkward. I saw him skate off fine and walk down the runway, but that is where things got strange. If he was injured, I could see this being a key juncture and something I had hoped they would not do in his fragile state.


Michael Schuerlein


  1. Knowing the way Rick is, if he was 100% fine, he would have fought to play, or at least be on the bench… salavating to get out there. Not sitting back home while the boys were in buffalo.

  2. As the final horn sounded Friday night, I was hoping that Rick would refrain from doing the “jump bump.” Seems like it would have been prudent to avoid any unnecessary jolts, landings, etc. Ah, well.

  3. Plain and simple. This team needs DP at the Garden Monday night. If Joey Mac continues to play, we will continue to lose. I don’t understand why everyone thinks Joey plays so “Good”. Don’t get me wrong, the kid throws in a decent fight, but can never seem to get it together past the second period. This clearly shows he is not ready for the NHL. To make this short, Without DP, We’re doomed. Save your money and don’t bother going to any more pending losses.

    The Big One.

  4. Sheesh…those damn jumping chest bumps. If DP really is tweaked from that, it’ll be just as dumb as the Florida State football player who tore his ACL after doing that idiotic move:


    Why are players so fragile?

    It was great seeing DP in goal. A big difference between him and JMAC and Danis seems to be how he doesn’t allow for second chances/rebounds. He pounces on the puck and eliminates those second opportunities.

  5. I watched him land as well and I didn’t see much to it. He seemed to have skated off pretty fine. From my personal experience, he is probably experiencing soreness and they just did not want to push him. Let him stay on Long Island, rest up, get a skate or two in with a goaltending coach, and then proceed to play at the Garden tomorrow night. The announcement of some type of injury is just necessary work in order to be able to recall Yann Danis.

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