Possibly The Greatest Islanders Commercial Ever

I had a post last week explaining how Kyle Okposo and Josh Bailey were becoming the new “Faces of the Franchise” with their Hockey Equipment spot on Islanders TV. Well, this commercial is even better.

One of the newest sponsors for the Islanders happens to be a company called Spongetech. This commercial features three current Islanders – Doug Weight, Bill Guerin and Josh Bailey. It’s hard to explain the concept fully with words, so you will just have to watch it for yourself!


I think the commercial is a piece of marketing genius and shows just how creative Josh Bernstein and company are becoming behind the scenes for the Islanders.

Put simply, I literally laughed out loud and know exactly what I am going to be asking Bailey next time I see him.

You thoughts?

Michael Schuerlein


  1. I love the commercial! I think it’s funny and shows the guys aren’t just hockey playing robots. You see a lot of other teams joke around and such like the Pens and their BMW car commerical with Max Talbot and his funky little dance.

    • Exactly Kelly!

      I love when players are allowed to show their “human” side, as it is something few rarely have gotten to see in the past.

      I just can’t wait to chide Bailey on it next time I see him.

  2. Its fun and all but its a no name product which makes it seem like the isles are worth nothing better to advertise then a dam sponge

  3. It’s actually not.

    They are a publicly traded company, they have numerous advertising deals with SiriusXM, New York Rangers, New York Yankees – among others. They also have commercials on just about every major network.

  4. Ive never heard of or seen that product in my life. Nor can i ever picture this commerical being on public tv

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